10 Ways Being Into Cosplay Makes You Pretty Much The Greatest Mom Ever

Cosplay is creative and super fun, but did you know that being into cosplay makes you a great mom, too? Kids of cosplay moms get to see their parent embrace her idols, promote her values, and confidently strut her stuff.

As a mom and step-mom, I am constantly trying to model confidence, creativity, and body positivity for my kids. I want them to feel comfortable liking the things they like (even if it's not what the other kids at school are into) and to be proud of themselves and the way they look, especially when they try something new. I love catching my kids reading a book they enjoy and wanting to be like their favorite character. I also love when my kids choose to make art and play pretend over watching another insipid episode of Pokémon or Monster High.

Cosplay helps me do all of aforementioned, and more. It's given me confidence, while also giving me an opportunity to bond with my kids doing something we all enjoy. There's been the occasional embarrassing moment, specifically for the tween, but for the most part my kids love the fact that I always have fun make-up, hair dye, body paint, and fabric to explore and enjoy. I had no idea the things I did for fun in my young convention-going days would help make me pretty much the greatest mom ever. #Winning

You Are Confident

Wearing a costume and playing a role can be so freeing. Cosplay gives moms an opportunity to not just create costumes and put on make-up, but to embody their favorite characters and promote their values.

Whether it's smashing the patriarchy as Wonder Woman or saving the world from a dystopian future like The Handmaid's Tale, you have an opportunity to be yourself, while playing someone else; something that's great to model for your kids.

Your Kids Are Creative

I'm so proud that my kids are creative. Whether it's turning a refrigerator box into a bat cave or jumping over pools of lava in the living room on throw pillow "rocks," my kids love to play pretend, create art, write stories, and even direct and star in their own music videos.

Your Kids' Friends Think You Are Awesome

My four-year-old's friends think I am a mythical being (I do have a partially shaved head and siren-blue hair and we live in a tiny Midwestern town). My tween step daughter's friends ask me for hair advice.

While their moms occasionally stare disapprovingly at school pick up, it's clear that to the kids, that I'm a cool mom. Joking aside, I know how important it is for kids to have a trusted adult they can turn to, especially if they feel different or alone. As a cosplay mom, I proudly let my freak flag fly, so my and other kids know they can trust me if they need a someone to accept them in a red state, small town.

Your Kids Actually Think It's Cool To Read And Be Inspired By Badass Characters

You heard me. My kids read books. They love reading. How awesome is that?

You Watch Movies And Shows With Your Kids That You All Like

From Star Wars (my favorite) to Adventure Time (my husband's) and everything in between, we watch and discuss media as a family that we all enjoy. This lets us pre-screen media for our younger, more sensitive little ones, and talk about real issues facing our world with our big kids.

Your Kids Play Dress Up Like Pros

My kids not only love being creative with clothes and make-up, they are damn good at it and their personalities shine through.

For some of our kids, it's getting every detail right. For my daughter, it's being the most unique, sparkly vampire with pink hair on the block.

Your House Is Full Of Makeup And Costuming Supplies

Hair color in every shade imaginable? Check. A dresser drawer full of makeup palettes? Check. A rainbow of nail polish? Check. Costumes galore? Check.

I can always be counted on for school dress-up days or playing with different liners, eye colors and nail designs.

You Are Sexy

Our culture has to get past the idea that being a sexy mom is a "bad thing." I want my children, especially my daughters, to grow up to embrace their sexuality and love their bodies.

Sex is great. Empowered feminist sex is the best sex. Being confident and sexy and being a good mom are not mutually exclusive.

You Are Great At Making Costumes

There's nothing wrong with buying a sexy kitten costume from the store for Halloween, but it's pretty awesome to be able to make an authentic Imperator Furiosa costume from items you have around the house, a little makeup, and some inspiration from one of your favorite films.

You Are An Awesome Role Model

Cosplay moms are awesome role models, not just because they are fun but because they are fearless. It takes bravery, creativity, and intelligence to put yourself out there, many times in male-dominated spaces, and show the world who you are.

I hope my kids learn to be themselves and not care what people think. I want them to hold positive values like prizing individuality over conformity, body positivity, inclusion, and a healthy disrespect for authority. I want them to read, to learn about our world, and to be able to discuss and evaluate current events and social issues. Cosplay helps me show them how to do these things in a way that doesn't seem like a lesson in anything other than fun.