11 Adele Songs That Make Better Lullabies Than "Mary Had A Little Lamb"

by Britni de la Cretaz

Adele is a goddess, and I’m pretty sure no one will argue with me about that (and if you do, that’s fine. I’ll just fight you.) Her voice is incredible and angelic, and deserves to be shared with all ages — even children. Though your little one may prefer kid anthems during car trips, there's no reason you can substitute Adele songs as lullabies at night. And I don't mean a kid-ified versions of her songs. I mean the actual Adele tracks.

Yes, Adele's music is emotionally wrecking, and your little one may prefer to hear Elmo sing a classic bedtime song (as mine did while I wrote this piece.) But I remain steadfast in my assertion that Adele is child-friendly music. there's something to be said about introducing your child to amazing music at a younger age. It can be hard to find music that you like that you can also listen to with your kid, but Adele is actually perfect for that. Especially when it's time to settle in for the night. The gentle melodies of piano and soothing quality of Adele’s voice can make for the ideal playlist for your child’s bedtime. So why not trade in the traditional tunes from some more modern music? You can sing along or let iTunes do the work for you, but these 11 Adele songs will lull your little one to sleep faster than you can say, "rolling in the deep."



Adele’s debut single from 25 is just as emotionally draining as her previous work, which makes it perfectly exhausting for a bedtime playlist. Your child will get appropriately tired without the emotionally taxing impact the song has on you.


"Hometown Glory"

The haunting piano intro makes for perfect bedtime music. Not to mention it implements the idea that home is where the heart is.


"Turning Tables"

This song is intense, but Adele’s voice is comforting in its power.


"Don’t You Remember"

Though this is one of Adele's sadder melodies, your child will be too young to understand its meaning. Instead, they'll relax into the beauty of the music.


"Crazy For You"

The guitar on this song is gentle and sweet, with a down home feeling that’s calming and lovely.


"Take It All"

Mirror the vocal of a church service, this gorgeous song has a choir backing up Adele’s vocals to provide comfort to your little one.



Though a bit more upbeat, this sweet song is a great lead in to bedtime, perfect for the beginning of a wind-down playlist.



The soothing melody and sweet lyrics make for soothing lullaby music.


"One and Only"

A love song for your precious little one.


"Make You Feel My Love"

A classic song about love, this one is perfect to rock your little one to sleep while kissing their head.


"First Love"

With background sounds the resemble a music box, Adele’s voice would lull anyone to sleep on this one.

Images: Kevin Winter/Getty