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11 Fierce Beyonce and Jay-Z Halloween Costumes For You And Your Boo

When it comes to power couples, there's really only one in the game, and that's Bey and Jay, of course. So, if you're looking for Beyoncé and Jay-Z costume ideas for Halloween, you are in luck. There are so many unforgettable wardrobe moments to choose from. I mean, just start with some of the Carters' iconic looks from their music video, Apesh*t, and you'll have enough inspiration for 20 Halloweens! Pink and teal power suits, people! Mic drop.

Of course, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have a lot of history, which means there's also a lot of lewks to recapture for your *flawless* Halloween couple ensemble. From their Crazy in Love days to the drama in the elevator; from Beyoncé's soul-baring visual album, Lemonade, to Jay-Z's intimate album, 4:44; from the Instagram birth announcement that broke the internet to their incredibly sweet vow renewal ceremony — these two legends have certainly made their share of headlines these last few years. And now, of course, they're making music together on their joint album, Everything is Love, and on their mega tour, On The Run II.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are prolific both in music and fashion, so it's nearly impossible to narrow their best looks down... but it's worth a try. Below you'll find 11 of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's most memorable moments to inspire your ultimate couple's Halloween costume. One thing's for sure — you've got 99 Problems but finding the perfect Bey and Jay Halloween costume ain't one!


On The Run

This On the Run 2014 tour look is perfect to channel for a powerhouse Halloween costume. Jay's look (flag shirt, black blazer and beanie, big gold chain) would be pretty easy to replicate, but Queen Bey's is a little harder. To achieve her fierce fishnet headpiece, Brit + Co suggests making your own from black fishnet stockings (you'll need to be handy with a scissors, just FYI). Then all you need to do is find a black leotard and some black booties, and you're ready to run the world.



As I mentioned above, I'm obsessed with Beyoncé and Jay-Z's epic Apesh*t music video, particularly those pink and teal double-breasted power suits. To achieve this look, you could hit your local vintage shop to see if they had any colorful '80s suits, or you could even find silk pajamas or robes. Don't forget the bling!


Shades On 'All Night'

Beyoncé's Lemonade album was so chock-full of lush imagery, it's hard to choose just one look to inspire a Halloween costume. But one of my favorite clips was a home video that appeared in the music video for music video for All Night, in which the Carters put on shades (probably Ray-bans), and Bey dons a cute bowler hat. You can easily replicate this look to go as low-key Carters this Halloween.


VMAs 2014

The 2014 MTV VMAs were pretty historic. We got to see Beyoncé slay during her medley performance in that incredible jeweled bodysuit, and then she received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy up on stage with her. You can channel that glorious moment for your Halloween costume, especially if you want to go all out in the DIY department (time to start gluing jewels to a leotard). If you have a little girl, dress her as Blue Ivy, and you'll win Halloween.


On the Run II

The motorcycle bride scene from OTR II is another great Halloween costume option. For Jay-Z's look, find a leather studded jacket, toothpick and shades, and for Queen Bey's bridal ensemble, you need a long flowing veil.


Louvre Looks

The Apesh*t video was shot at the Louvre, and includes both iconic artwork and major fashion statements. But Beyoncé and Jay-Z had also one understated look that would be easy to pull off this Halloween. To get Beyoncé's look, you need a flag t-shirt, black hat, and of course, braids. And for Jay-Z's look, you need only a silver windbreaker and green baseball hat. You could even carry around a poster of the Mona Lisa as a fabulous prop.


Gold at the Grammys

This look from the 2018 Grammy's is so baller and so Bonnie & Clyde. To pull it off as a Halloween costume, you'd need a dapper tuxedo for Jay's look, and black ruffled dress and simple black beret for Bey.


Met Gala Glam

You can always count on Beyoncé and Jay-Z to look like royalty, and the 2015 Met Gala was no exception. To channel this glamorous look for Halloween, you'd need a jeweled dress (check out vintage shops!), and of course, a high knotted ponytail. Your partner can wear a dapper tux and white carnation.


Pregnant Grammy Bey

Beyoncé, pregnant with twins, still managed to look perfectly chic in a red sequined dress at the red sequined dress at the 2017 Grammys, and Jay-Z looked understated and handsome in a navy suit. This could be the perfect Halloween look if you're pregnant too. Get your partner a simple suit and bow tie, find yourself some red sequins, and you're all set. Not pregnant? No worries, just track down a foam belly pad!



This rockstar look of Bey and Jay at Madison Square Garden would be so fun to pull off for Halloween. For you, it's a Led Zeppelin tee and leather skirt, and for him, it's all about the black bomber jacket and black jeans.


Wild West

This is another winning look from On The Run II and it's made for Halloween! All you need is a camouflage jacket for Jay's look, and a Western hat and paisley red Western shirt for Bey. Throw in some short cut-offs and black boots, and you're ready for a Wild night.