11 Celeb Moms We Wish Were In Our Mom Squad (Just Imagine The Play Dates)

Trying to make friends as an adult is enormously harder than when we're kids. But trying to make mom friends? Well, that's even more nerve-wracking. Whether it's the fear that you're going to be judged, or you just aren't sure how to approach a fellow mom without looking like a creep, it's tough trying to create a friendship out of thin air with a stranger. But those friendships are super important, especially in the throes of motherhood. So to get by, I like to curate a list of celebrity moms that'd make the best friends and support system.

Sure, those celebs are technically total strangers. But the beauty of celebrity moms is that you've got plenty of conversational ice-breakers. You can ask Kristen Bell about her sloth obsession, check in with Olivia Wilde on the state of her mom hair, or ask Blake Lively if she gets flack at the pediatrician's office for naming her daughter James. But the really wonderful thing about this generation of celebrity moms is that, for the most part, they're all honest. They are open about how they can't find time to shower, how exhausted they are, and how they too are battling postpartum depression. Using their celebrity voice to bring all of us women closer together and feel more empowered as moms? I can totally get behind that. And those are the women I want on my mom squad. They are the ones I want to call when my kid's been coughing for two days and I don't know what to do. They're the ones I want to invite over for a play date so we can ignore our children together and chug coffee. And they are the ones I want to hug when they show up to babysit my kid while I nurse a hangover. Celebrities get a lot of heat for a lot of things, but these 11 celebrity moms? #momsquadgoals


Kristen Bell

Even before I became a mom, I daydreamed about Kristen Bell being my BFF. Not only is she hilarious and the voice of a Disney icon, she's also an advocate for women's rights. And she does it with humor too. In a support video for Planned Parenthood, Bell notes that she supports Planned Parenthood because her daughters need somewhere to get birth control behind her back. Um. Truth.


Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere deserves all the #squadgoals for speaking up about her experiences with postpartum depression and not being afraid to get help for it. I am so ridiculously proud to include her in this list, as she's a remarkable voice for PPD and the millions of women that suffer from it.


Jessie James Decker

We all need that friend that has a great life-work balance, right? That's why we need Jessie James Decker in our mom squad. She's a singer, songwriter, designer, a wife, and a mother of two. It doesn't get much busier than that. And huge bonus for this mama? She posts real life shots of her little one and even shared her postpartum body to shut down all of the comments about her appearance after having a second child.


Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde may be the celebrity mom I relate to the most, especially with Instagram snapshots like this one of her very real mom-life hairstyle. She's the mom that shows up at your house for a noon play date still in her pajamas and you're all, "Come on in. Elmo's already on TV."


Sarah Michelle Gellar

OK, you know those Pinterest-perfect moms that create amazing food crafts and have smiling kids? That's Sarah Michelle Gellar, except her food crafts are actually doable. She's co-founder of the company Foodstirs, which delivers monthly kits that teach your kids about cooking and baking. Everything comes in the kit meaning you don't have to spend eight hours lost in Michael's for edible frosting paint. Yep. We all need a Sarah Michelle Gellar in our mom squad. She's the fun mom with minimal work and keeping it easy for the kiddos.


Tina Fey

Come on. You know I had to put the queen in here, right? She is a quotable, relatable mom and is the friend you'd call at 3 in the afternoon to say "Oh my god, my kid sucks today" and she wouldn't judge you at all. She'd just agree. I mean, the woman once told Jimmy Fallon that her toddler spoke like a prostitute in a Vietnamese movie. What more do you want in a mom squad?


Kourtney Kardashian

Despite her semi-controversial family, Kourtney Kardashian is an awesome mom and loves her kids something fierce. She'll don a Tinkerbell costume at Disneyland to make them smile, and her Instagram is full of her kids' bedtime books and their Friday night movie choices. She embraces motherhood with such love and a positive attitude, that it's easy to see why she needs a spot in your squad.


Kelly Clarkson

I love Kelly Clarkson. I love her so much for not giving a d*mn what people say about her baby weight, for being upfront and honest about how pregnancy is not always perfect, and for enjoying every ounce of motherhood, no matter what the critics say. She is so real and so cool, I just want to drink all the wine with her.


Blake Lively

Blake Lively once said that living with a baby and being a mom was like "living with a drug addict." And immediately I wanted her to be my BFF. She also totally argues with Ryan Reynolds over her baby's first word and this is an argument I fully support.



We've got plenty of moms that applaud our sweatpants lifestyle, but we also need that mom that says "Girl, put on your sequins and some mascara. You know it'll make you feel good." Hello, Beyonce. Welcome to our squad. Please tell us how you manage to be as fabulous as possible with a peanut butter smearing child near you.


Alyssa Milano

And finally, we need a mom that supports all the lifestyle decisions you make and is never judgmental about the fact that you just dropped Chinese food on your baby's head while trying to eat and breastfeed at the same time. Right, Alyssa Milano?

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