Party City

This Year's Party City Costumes For Babies Are *So* Cute

Although most Halloween costumes are wonderful in their own way, baby Halloween costumes are beyond adorable. Really, what's better than a tiny kiddo dressed up like a woodland creature or movie character? As the cutest Halloween costumes for babies at Party City prove, the littlest trick-or-treaters can play dress-up like no one else. Babies kind of own this holiday, to be honest.

The great thing about baby costumes is the wide variety of choices you can make. There are loads of adorable animal costumes for your kiddo, from sweet lambs to scary sharks. If your family is super into movies, for instance, then iconic superheroes and even movie monsters have infant-sized costumes, too. And then there are the classic Halloween looks, because dressing your own pumpkin like a literal pumpkin is pretty irresistible.

And for all their cuteness, these costumes take practicality into consideration, too. Most have snaps to make diaper changes easy, because that chore never takes a holiday off. Plus, many of the costumes are made from fuzzy, cozy materials your baby will enjoy snuggling in all night long. Honestly? If you want to bust out the costume from time to time after Halloween is over, no one will blame you.


Baby Little Stinker Skunk Costume

You know all too well what a big stink your baby’s diapers can make. But this soft, cozy skunk jumpsuit with footies and a tail is cute enough to make you forget the funk. The hoodie will help keep your little stinker warm in any October chill.


Baby Winnie The Pooh Costume

Oh, honey, I’m in love with this costume featuring Pooh Bear’s face on the hood. Our favorite Hundred Acre Wood resident also has a huggable stuffed tummy. The only thing missing is a jar of Pooh’s favorite sweet treat.


Baby Monkey Costume

No monkeying around, this suit is bananas. Literally: there’s a banana attached to an arm on the warm, footed monkey jumpsuit. The adorb factor ratchets all the way up with the tail curling up from the bottom.


Baby Jasmine Costume

Get your little princess ready for a magic carpet ride (or just some good, old-fashioned trick or treating). This satin one piece is more than soft enough for baby’s skin. It doesn’t come with shoes, but what baby keeps those things on anyway?


Baby Elmo Costume

Elmo loves Halloween, and you’ll love your baby dressed up as Sesame Street’s cutest monster. The costume is one suit with attached hand covers to keep those little paws nice and toasty. Slip some red socks on over your kiddo’s toes to perfect Elmo’s getup.


Baby Tiny Tiger Costume

Watch out for toothless tigers on the prowl looking for candy. This fuzzy jumpsuit is grrreat if you’re a Clemson University fan. But either way, aren’t those little orange paws on the footies a-roarable?


Baby Playful Dragon Costume

Your baby may not breathe fire, but they’ll certainly swoop in and steal the show dressed as a dragon. I love how Party City went all in with details. We got wings, a dragon mouth with fabric teeth, those 3D wings, covered feet, and a plushie tail. Drogon would approve.


Baby Snail Crawler Costume

Slow and steady wins the race, little crawlers! This plush costume is one of the most creative I’ve seen, with a snail shell strategically placed on the back of the jumpsuit for infants on the go. The googly eyes on the hood are so presh.


Baby Dave Minion Costume

Perfect for Minions who aren’t fans of thick costumes that have a lot of moving parts. The blue overalls are sewn onto the yellow shirt, so you don’t have to fuss with two pieces. Although the removable hood with pretend goggles is a nice finishing touch, the outfit totally works without it.


Baby Spider-Man Costume

Spidey saves the day! Specially designed for your little web-slinger’s comfort, the blue pants attached to the jumpsuit come with snaps so you can easily swing diaper changes. The red superhero hat also features a hook-and-loop just in case Peter Parker wants to reveal his identity.


Baby Bunting Darling Dragon Costume

What an adorable hoot. This costume includes a pair of pink wings for your baby owl to flap her arms. With an owl face as the hood, they’ll be the cutest bird in any nest.