11 David Bowie Quotes That Exemplify His Brilliance & Influence

News broke early Monday morning that rock icon David Bowie passed away at 69, leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of music lovers around the world. With his larger-than-life sense of style and mind-bending lyrics, Bowie was one of those artists who seemed functionally immortal. His works have served as a cornerstone of popular culture for so long that it is almost impossible to overstate his influence. But his power goes beyond lyrics about angst and political unrest. Read any interview with the late star, and you'll find that David Bowie quotes are just as profound (and, in true Bowie fashion, as puzzling) as any of his songs.

Bowie's words, be they sung in a concert hall or spoken in a quiet setting, have shaped the lives of millions. Celebrities were influenced by Bowie's words, and ordinary people felt extraordinary because of the rocker's incite. I mean, can you imagine how dull the rock n’ roll landscape and world would have been without “Space Oddity” or “Fame"? It’s impossible to picture glam rock without Bowie. And could anyone else in the entire world have played the Goblin King in Labyrinth? (Answer: no.) The world is richer thanks to Bowie’s influences.

Though he may be gone, Bowie will live on through his work and his words of wisdom. Whether it's to get you through today's tragic loss or to get you through any of the obstacles life throws your way, here is a roundup of some of Bowie's most striking quotes and lyrics.

"The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time."

"There's a terror in knowing what the world is about."

"We live for just these 20 years. Do we have to die for the 50 more?" — "Young Americans"

"We can be heroes, just for one day."

"Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming."

"You can neither win nor lose if you don't run the race."

"Let’s dance, for fear your grace should fall. Let’s dance, for fear tonight is all."

"The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time."

"I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring."

"Make the best of every moment. We’re not evolving. We’re not going anywhere."

"I'm not a prophet or a stone aged man, just a mortal with potential of a superman. I'm living on."

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