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Cancer Babies Are The Snuggliest In The Zodiac, & Other Fun Facts

If your child was born between June 21 and July 22, you have the distinct pleasure of being the parent of a baby born in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Even if you're not a devoted follower of astrology, it's still fun to peek at the description of the traits of your child's sign to see how closely they match your wee one's personality. You might just find that it's more accurate than you imagined.

Cancers are a cardinal sign, according to AstroStyle, a distinction shared by all the signs whose birth dates launch each of the four seasons. That makes them the leaders and trendsetters of the zodiac, and your Cancer child will be the one the friends look to for creative ideas. But far from being attention-grabbers, Crabs are shy and sensitive by nature. Your Cancer baby may be more tearful than most, reported Mom365, but you'll find that they're also super-affectionate, easily amused, and love all the comforting rituals (loveys, baths, bedtime stories) that make new parenthood so sweet.

My children weren't born under the sign of Cancer, but my dad was, and knowing how much he resembled the sign as an adult, I can just imagine what he was like as a baby: a food-loving, sensitive, humorous, artistic homebody who was loyal to those close to him. Below are some of the most interesting facets about little Crabs; give your Cancer-born child their favorite lovey to cuddle while you read on.


They Love Bathtime

Cancer is one of the three water signs (as you'd expect of a Crab), and as such, people born under this sign are naturally drawn to beaches, lakes, pools, and any other body of water. Your baby Crab will almost certainly find bathtime one of their favorite parts of the day, explained Mom365, so invest in fun tub toys and soothing baby soap. When your child is old enough, look into swimming lessons to make sure they can indulge their love of the water safely.


They May Be Fussy At A Certain Time Of Month

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Each zodiac sign is ruled by a specific planet or celestial body, and for Cancer, that happens to be the Moon. And like the Moon, which rolls through its monthly phases, your Cancer child will go in and out of moods faster than you can keep up with them. You may find that your baby is particularly fussy around the full moon, according to Bellybelly. Try taking your little one outside at night; gazing up at the peaceful orb might be just what it takes to calm them down.


They Love Their Moms

Nothing against Dad — of course, he's totally important — but Cancer children tend to bond with their mothers most closely, explained Mom365. Be prepared to hear a lot of "Mommy do it!" and to see your child checking in with you frequently at the playground, just to make sure you're still there.


They're Surprisingly Stubborn

Cancer folks are sensitive, but remember: The crab has a tough shell and a mean set of claws. Once they get their heart or mind set on something, they're not easily swayed. Cancer girls can be especially stubborn, according to Building Beautiful Souls. Even at an early age, your little Crab may get into a battle of wills with you over bedtime or which shoes to wear. Bellybelly added that Cancer children can also be manipulative, using their sweet nature to charm Mom and Dad into giving in.


Picky Eating Isn't An Issue

Each zodiac sign also rules an area of the body, from Aries (head and brain) to Pisces (feet and lymphatic system). For Cancer, it's the chest and stomach. The Crab-born are known to love cooking and eating good food, explained AstroStyle, so your baby will be delighted to chow down on those strained carrots when it's time to start solids. But Cancers are also prone to indigestion; be careful with the spices when you start offering bits of your dinner.


They Adore Stuffed Animals

Cancers are the ultimate nurturers, confirmed Mom365: As adults, they delight in entertaining friends; as parents, they're great at healing both skinned knees and hurt feelings. Even as children, they love to take care of their toys, and playing parent or vet to a stuffed animal will keep them busy for ages. As soon as your little Crab is big enough, having a teddy bear or bunny in their crib will help soothe them to sleep.


They're In Tune With Your Emotions

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The emotion-driven Cancer child is so sensitive to their environment that they can sense when something is wrong at home. From infancy on, a Crab-born child will react to arguments between parents by crying or becoming withdrawn, said Building Beautiful Souls. When your child is a little older, they'll be the first to offer you a hug when they see you looking even the slightest bit stressed.


They're Happiest At Home

Unlike more adventurous zodiac signs (we're looking at you, Sagittarius and Aquarius), Cancer children are homebodies at heart, said PopSugar. Even after an exciting day out or a fun family vacation, they're all too happy to come back to the familiarity of a home-cooked meal and their own bed.


They May Be Shy Around Strangers

As Building Beautiful Souls described it, Cancer children find it difficult to trust anyone outside their immediate family. They prefer to make one or two best friends for life, rather than surrounding themselves with a huge clique. As babies, they're the ones who become anxious and whiny when you try passing them around to unfamiliar relatives and friends. And when school starts, you'll want to introduce your child to their new teachers early on — and even then, you can expect some clinginess on the first few days.


They Play Alone Well

Play mats and playpens were practically made for Cancer babies. Children born under this sign are low-maintenance when it comes to entertaining themselves, explained Mom365. Their imagination and introspective nature allow them to play happily by themselves for extended periods. Still, it's not a bad idea to seek out mom groups and playdates to help socialize your baby Crab.


They Enjoy Being Carried

It's rare to find a Cancer child who doesn't love snuggling with their family, so co-sleeping can be a good choice if you're comfortable with that option. Because Cancer babies thrive on affection, explained, carrying them in a sling or baby carrier as much as possible will ensure they stay content.