11 Feels You Feel When You're Around A Baby After Your Kid Officially Stops Being One

Real talk: yesterday at my mom’s group, I found myself mesmerized by some of the babies in the room. I realize this probably isn’t surprising, since babies are known to cause all kinds of reactions, but it was a bit unusual for me. My own son is almost two, so unless we’re around kids who are younger than he is, it’s easy for me to still think of him as a baby. I mean, I know it’s common for parents to always think of their kids as their baby, but I always vowed I’d respect his growth and independence and not call him that for any longer than necessary. Still, I think we’ve finally reached that point where I'm feeing all the feels when I look at a baby, because my kid isn't one. Now we’re at the jumping off the couch, putting words together, and picking out clothes (well, sorta) phase, and I just can't help but feel exciting and sad, all at once.

And, as a result of my kid's non-baby status, I’m allowing myself to bask in the presence of other babies and drown in the relentless nostalgia they evoke. Like, I’m not holding back at all you guys, and yesterday I was drawn to these babies as intensely as if they were fluffy puppies trying to cuddle me, or iced coffees needing to be sipped, or GIFs of John Stamos casually smiling, just begging to be stared at for hours on end. Like, I am not leaving these feels unfelt because, both wonderfully and sadly, they're my only connection to the days when my kid was a helpless baby who needed me always.

So, in an effort to either pull myself out of these infinity feels pool, or pull you all in it, here are just a few of the feels you get when you look at a baby, and realize your kid no longer is one.

Completely Forgetting All The Tough Parts Of Newborn Life

Your newborn is quietly nuzzling on your shoulder and making sweet gurgly sounds? That must be what every minute with a newborn is like!

Appreciating How Much Your Kid Has Grown

If you're a parent, or anyone who's ever been around other people talking about parenthood, then you don't need me to tell you that kids grow quickly. However, there's no clearer reminder than seeing someone else's stash of newborn diapers and trying to recall a time when your walking, talking little person fit into them.

Craving Snuggles

I may or may not have once cancelled plans because my baby was sleeping on my chest. After air, water, food, family, and Chris Pratt, the next priority in my life is cuddling. I'm kind of the Gretchen Weiners of my household because I'm always trying to make it happen, especially when no one else is feeling it. But when my son was a baby? He couldn't stop me. Can't stop, won't stop.

Remembering When Your Entire Baby’s Bottom Could Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand

Ugh, I kinda wish we had taken more artsy black and white photos of this.

Thinking “Pregnancy Wasn’t THAT Hard, Right?”

I mean, we've already covered how quickly time with a kid goes, so that means pregnancy with a kid would just zoom right by, right? Right, guys? Hello?

Trying To Convince Yourself That Maternity Clothes Are Cute

I confess, some maternity clothes actually are cute. However, the real issue was whether or not I felt cute in them, which was rarely the case.

Wondering Whether It Would It Be Weird To Ask The Other Mom If Her Kid Can Nap On You

If you're related to the other mom, or if you've known them for so long that you once traded handwritten notes on spiral-bound paper folded in creative ways, then this request might not be terribly inappropriate. But if neither of those area true? I wouldn't ask.

Picturing Your Kid As A Sibling

He'd be such a good big brother, you guys. The fact that I'm 100% completely and utterly biased has no* bearing on that statement.


Picturing Yourself As A Mom Of More Kids

I mean, with one kid sometimes I can get away with leaving the diaper bag in the car (risky, I know. I like to live on the edge.). But something tells me that adding more little ones to the mix would mean I have to break this daring habit.

Recognizing How Far You’ve Come As A Mom

I'm definitely not saying I deserve any awards or anything, but if someone wanted to bring me a latte and offer a pat on the back to congratulate me for not crying every two hours like I did in my first couple weeks as a mom, I'd accept.

Feeling Grateful That You Don’t Have To Carry Around a Heavy-Ass Carrier Anymore

This is the number one top reason I'm not excited about the possibility of more children.