The New Mom In Your Life Needs These Holiday Gifts (Even If She'd Never Ask)

I remember my first Christmas after having my son. I didn't know which end was up, and I was exhausted. I received a ton of gorgeous, meaningful Christmas presents that I still cherish to this day, but looking back, I don't remember receiving anything that wasn't attached to my new role as mom. It is so great to give all of these personalized gifts, but it's also important to remember that new moms are also just people who might need and want things separate from their children. These holiday gifts for new moms are things they'd never ask for themselves, but are honestly so necessary.

The first year of having a baby flies by in a whirlwind, and new moms need all the support they can get as they learn how to navigate their new lives. Sometimes, the new mama might need something material, like a cushion for their sore downtown or a glass of wine (also for their sore downtown), but sometimes, they might just need a night out alone, or someone to walk quietly beside them as they talk out their frustrations and worries as a new mom.

If you have kids, you know how tough those first months are. Help a mother out, and try one of these fab gifts.


A Nice Cool Place To Sit

This pillow is heaven for your tortured lady bits. Trust me, as someone who suffered an almost fourth degree tear, this gel cushion saved my as*, literally. This one is best given by sisters and really close friends.


Wine Of The Month Club

Nothing says "I understand the first year of parenting" more than Winc's wine of the month gift set. Set your friend up with a gift card (prices vary) and they go online and take a questionnaire that will curate the best choices for them. I just took the test and it actually came back with a few of my favorite varietals, and one I'd never heard of, but am now intrigued to try.


Sheet Masks

A little bit of luxury goes a long way to make you feel better. This is a two pack of TONYMOLY's most-popular sheet masks and lotions, and they smell like heaven. Not to mention the packaging could not be any cuter.


Freaking Soft Leggings

These leggings have a cult following on instagram, and for good reason. I live in these. Any new mom would love these, provided they like good things that hug their legs with the gentlest of soft hugs.



Feeding a baby wrecks your back. I don't care if you're whipping out a boob eleventy times a day, or using bottles, hunching over your baby, and figuring out a position your baby will comfortably eat in, never ends well for a mom's back. This massager will quite literally hit the spot.


Iced Coffee Is The Best Coffee

Sure, hot coffee is delicious, but how many new moms get fresh hot coffee without interruption? And let's face it, reheated coffee is gross. But iced coffee? It never lets you down. This countertop iced coffee brewer will give that new mama the pep she needs without that reheated flavor.


The Intangible Gifts

Sometimes, you just need a moment alone, a night with friends, or the ability to just freak out. These coupons are customizable, downloadable, and easy to gift.


Eye Pads

I have used these eye patches, and I adore them. They're cooling and can decrease the swelling and general sleepy look that all new moms are likely to have.


A Night Away

A good night's sleep can be the best thing for a mom. If they can, a gift card for a night at a hotel can mean the difference between a rested mom and one who cannot relax. I breastfed, but I would've pumped for this when I had my first baby... and my second. It also helps if you volunteer to babysit that night.



Gift cards from delivery meal services like GrubHub go a long way for tired mamas. Imagine as a new mom, weeks after everyone has forgotten how tired you are, receiving $100 on GrubHub. It's a wonderful, tasty surprise.



Give the gift that gives all year, in the middle of the night, at 3 p.m., in the evening. All the time. A year's subscription to Netflix. Those late night feedings get so boring, may as well turn on Game of Thrones.

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