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11 New Year's Eve Maternity Dresses To Shine Your Way Into 2018

When you've got a bun in the oven on New Year's Eve, the entire occasion takes more planning than usual. Instead of cocktails, you're trying to mix up an equally refreshing mocktail, since booze is obviously out of the question. Then there's last year's sweet dance moves that you're forced to put on hold, because you can't even see your feet. And then there's the question of finding a knockout New Year's Eve maternity dress that will make your bump sparkle and shine. I mean, what's New Year's Eve without being extra? It's time to bring on the glitter and ruffles, future mamas.

Besides, being pregnant during the turn of the year doesn't always need to revolve around sweatpants and hoodies, as comfortable as they may be. Party dresses for pregnant women are totally a thing, and thanks to the Internet, it's possible to buy a piece just in time for the big night.

To top things off, take some time to research delicious holiday mocktails. It's amazing what you can do with ingredients like seltzer, fruit juice, and grenadine. Pour the drink into a martini glass or champagne flute, and you won't even realize it's free of booze. Don't forget to stock up snacks to satisfy your food cravings all night long, too.

Oh, and as for those dance moves? You might not be popping and locking as hard as usual, but at the very least, you'll have a tiny dance partner with you at every second.


Sequin & Lace Mini Dress

ASOS Maternity Sequin Fluted Sleeve Lace Mini Dress, $87, ASOS

Nothing says "New Year's Eve" like sparkling sequins. And thanks to this rose gold mini dress by ASOS, your bump will glisten and glow in the trendiest way.


Black Ruffle Dress

Jessica Simpson Ruffle Front Maternity Dress, $70, Motherhood Maternity

If you're looking for something a little more versatile, slip into this classic dress by Jessica Simpson. Even a pregnant mama needs her LBD, after all.


Cutout Velvet Dress

A Pea in the Pod Maternity Cutout Velvet Dress, $88, Macys

When you have a bun in the oven, don't hesitate to enjoy your favorite trends. For example, this cutout velvet dress will make all yours '90s dreams come true.


One-Shoulder Metallic Gown

Laundry One Shoulder Metallic Maternity Gown, $265, A Pea In The Pod

Are you heading to an extravagant event or dinner party? Amp up the fancy with a showstopper like this metallic gown by Laundry. The perfectly-placed knot will accentuate your bump in the most stunning way.


High Neck Metallic Midi Dress

Flounce London Maternity High Neck Metallic Midi Dress, $60, ASOS

Champagne might not keep you warm this year, but the high neck on this metallic midi dress certainly will. It's a must for lovers of statement pieces.


Blue Lace Dress

V-Neck Lace Maternity Dress, $148, A Pea In The Pod

For something that can be worn both up and down, check out this blue lace dress. Leggings, boots, and a chunky necklace will instantly turn it into a charming (and comfortable) outfit.


Black Sequin Sleeveless Dress

Black Sequin Sleeveless Maternity Dress, $53, PinkBlush

You can't beat a dress made of black sequins, especially on New Year's Eve. Pair it with a blazer and earrings for the ultimate bad-ass-mama look. And if you haven't figured out the magic of pockets, then there is no time like the present to start.


Sequin Bodycon Dress

Mamalicious Sequin Bodycon Dress, $76, ASOS

If you are the type of mom who loves clean and crisp designs, check out this form-fitting sequin bodycon dress. You can't beat those glistening stripes.


Cami Midi Dress

Red Velvet Cami Maternity Midi Dress, $43, PinkBlush

Are you prone to hot flashes? Don't deprive yourself a party outfit. Wear a velvet cami dress with a blazer, cardigan, or shawl for an easy cool-off.


Gold Sequin Fitted Dress

Gold Sequin Front Fitted Maternity Dress, $44, PinkBlush

During this time of the year, patterned sequins are just too good to pass up. The quintessential color combo of this black and dress dress is basically the epitome of New Year's Eve.


Metallic Long Sleeve Dress

Black Metallic Long Sleeve Maternity Dress, $27, PinkBlush

Don't worry, party dresses don't need to be scratchy or uncomfortable, or over-the-top. A slinky, shiny number like this metallic long-sleeved dress will make it easy to do everything from walk to sit to dance the night away, baby bump and all.

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