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11 Pumpkin Carving Stencils To Make Your Jack-O'-Lantern Hella Cool

I don't know about you, but in my opinion October is the best month. You can't compete with it. I'm already excited thinking about scary movies, candy corn, and ghosts. This is my favorite time of year. What sounds better than getting a group of friends together for a Halloween movie and carving some badass pumpkins? Nothing.

Unfortunately, if you are anything like me, arts and crafts are not your forte. I look forward to this day all year, and every year I'm disappointed with my pumpkin carving skills. My typical jack-o'-lantern looks like a 6-year-old was using a knife for the very first time. Although... I bet some 6-year-olds can make way cooler pumpkins than me.

Some people are naturally pumpkin carving masters. They whip out a knife and crave beautiful artwork that puts my shoddy jack-o'-lantern to shame. Who are these people, and why am I not one of them? All I want is a pumpkin that everyone wishes were theirs, one that's so rad all the kids are Instagramming photos of it. Luckily for me, there are some pumpkin carving stencils out there that will help you take your jack-o'-lantern to the next level.


'Harry Potter' Pumpkin

I finally just watched all The Harry Potter movies this past summer, I know, I'm late to the party. But now that I am aware of the greatness that is Harry Potter why not impress all my friends with a Harry Potter themed pumpkin? It's easy too, all you need is some round glasses and a lightning bolt, and you're all set.


Taylor Swift Pumpkin

Taylor, look what you made me do: carve your face on a pumpkin. Taylor's album is dropping this fall, and there's no better way to celebrate than with a T. Swift pumpkin.


Classic Pumpkins

If you want a more traditional approach, try a classic stencils like witches and cats. You can't go wrong with one of these Halloween favorites.


'The Office' Pumpkin

You can create a pumpkin for each character and play one of The Office Halloween episodes while carving for added inspiration. I'm already practicing my Jim Halpert pumpkin.


Sugar Skulls

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Sugar skulls are a huge part of the Day of the Dead tradition. If spooky is not your thing, a sugar skull pumpkin is an excellent way to make your pumpkin beautiful while still sticking to the holiday's theme.


Game of Pumpkins Pumpkins

I'm not going to lie: I don't watch Game of Thrones. Sorry, but I have a twin brother. I hope you understand. Game of Thrones will already be taking over Halloween, so why not make it your pumpkin theme too? Choose a Game of Thrones house and let everyone know what side you're on. (Or something.)


Star Wars Pumpkins

Fans of all ages are looking forward to the new Star Wars, which is set to come out this December. Everyone in your family can get behind some fun Star Wars-themed pumpkins. Even your neighbors will be excited after seeing your cool BB-8 pumpkin.


Metallic Designs Pumpkins

Veering a little from the theme, here, but a check out this metallic spiderweb pumpkin how-to for a unique way to decorate your pumpkin without having to gut it. Try purchasing metallic henna tattoos, or draw on your own designs with a metallic Sharpie or paint. It's a fun, easy way to make your pumpkin stand out from the rest while still keeping it intact.


Emoji Pumpkins

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With Emojis taking over the way we communicate, why not use some Emoji templates to express how your pumpkin really feels? Everyone in the family can carve a different Emoji to tell a story when they're all put together. Brace yourself for multiple poop Emoji pumpkins lining your front porch if the kids have a say.


Disney Pumpkins

Disney pumpkins are fun for everyone, and adding some Disney magic will make the holiday less spooky. This is a great kid-friendly way to get everyone in the neighborhood excited.


Puppy Pumpkins

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Everybody loves a good dog photo, so you can guarantee a dog pumpkin will be a big hit. Better Homes and Gardens made some pretty awesome dog pumpkin stencils that will definitely land you some Instagram likes.

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