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11 Reasons A Ravenclaw Is The Only Person You Should Be BFFs With

The list of ways the Harry Potter saga applies to real life is endless. In fact, it feels like every time I turn around I’m struck (like a lightening bolt, ha ha. ha.) with another reminder of how genius JK Rowling truly is. For example, I've realized that a Ravenclaw is the only person you should be BFFs with; a revelation I've recently made thanks to an online quiz that will place you in your Hogwarts House. Of course, you don't have to rely on the internet to find out where you belong. Your own personal research or simply deciding for yourself will do the trick (ad would your own personal Storting Hat, but if you have one of those my jealousy knows no bounds).

Personally, I identify most with the Ravenclaw house. Now that I know where the Sorting Hat would sort me, my fandom for certain '90s boy bands, among other things, just makes the most sense. Not only are my quirks easier to understand, so are my relationships, most notably my friendships. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I'm a pretty amazing friend (as so many of my friends can tell you) and I must say that I can credit most of my positives to the attributes that makes a Ravenclaw, a Ravenclaw.

Finding your own "squad," especially when you're a mother, is pretty damn important. Sure, you can look up mom groups or find women with children (or without children, because procreation is never a prerequisite) in your neighborhood; or you could just ask people which Hogwarts House they belong to, and find yourself a Ravenclaw buddy. Trust me, the latter is the way to go, because Ravenclaws make the best of friends.

They'll Love (And Accept) Your Quirks

Ravenclaws embody the idea of "you do you," and you'll likely never catch them criticizing anything that makes you unique and different. In fact, they will embrace it, just like Neville embraces Luna (*sigh*).

They'll Be An Awesome Addition To Your Weekly Trivia Team, Since They're Competitive And Brainy

They'll also be down to celebrate their effortless success with copious rounds of Butterbeer.

You'll Never Be Bored, Because They're So Creative

Even if their ideas are falling flat, they'll probably have a bunch of old issues of The Quibbler you can read or do some paper mâché with. So, there's always that.

They'll Crack The Most Random Jokes

What? Doesn't everyone have plenty of knowledge and opinions about wrackspurts?

Their Smarts Will Help You Make Important Decisions

Trying to decide between heels and flats? Breast or bottle? Liam or Chris? Your Ravenclaw friend would love to help.

They're Well-Read And Will Always Have Something To Say

It's OK if you don't follow everything they say, though. They're used to blank stares.

They Have All The Books You Could Ever Want To Borrow

Just be sure to give them back, as they take great pride in their collection of books, especially those that are bound with leather.

They'll Never Be A Bad Influence, Especially If You Have To Study Or Read Or Show Any Interest In Learning Whatsoever

Your Ravenclaw BFF will never judge you for seeking knowledge.

They Have Unique Clothes You Can Borrow

For the record, my closet is pretty tame compared to my Ravenclaw spirit animal Luna Lovegood, but I did find a red hand-painted purse at a thrift store and I totally bought it, so.

Their Confidence Means They're Always Up For Challenges And Adventures

Assuming they've assessed the entire situation and read up on any particular past times and their histories.

They Make Excellent Wingmen And Wingwomen, Thanks To Their Razor-Sharp Wit

As long as you're not both after the same suitor because, well, they also hate losing.