11 Reasons Gene Belcher Is The Son Every 'Bob's Burger' Fan Wishes They Had

Out of the top animated families on television right now, the Belchers of Bob’s Burgers are easily the most relatable. I'd like to go a step further and argue that, of all the Belcher kids, there are many reasons Gene Belcher is the perfect son. Sure, the rest of the family is great, too — Tina is a feminist role model, Bob Belcher is the best TV dad, you know Linda is the "fun mom," and of course Louise has great comebacks — so what exactly makes Gene Belcher the ideal kid? He’s probably most known for his keyboard skills, love of farts, and ability to liven up any situation, no matter how tense or awkward. Plus, Gene has some of the best quotes from Bob's Burgers.

One of his iconic lines could accurately describe my dating style: “You should know that when you hold hands with me, you are holding hands with everything I’ve ever eaten.” So true. He may not be quite the standout character Tina is, but he’s got his own style. His honesty is just one of the many reasons I hope my son will be a future Beefsquatch or put on his own musical adaptation of Die Hard at school. Whether you’re already a parent, you’re about to be one, or you just think fart noises are hilarious, check out the top reasons why Gene Belcher is the son you wish you had.


He's A Feminist

With a bold mother like Linda and two independent and spunky sisters, Gene was bound to grow up with a deep admiration of women. He even fights for their rights, too!


His Naieveté Is Adorable

In an age where Bratz dolls are super-sexualized and the news is full of violence, it's refreshing to see someone as innocent as Gene.


His Pun Game Is Strong

Gene may not always be the best with words, but boy can he slay when it comes to puns. Wouldn't you just love to have a son that would keep you laughing all day long?


He's Young (At Heart)

Sure, cartoon characters don't usually age, but Gene really embraces his inner child. It's good to know he'll never outgrow father-son bonding moments.


He's Unconditionally Encouraging

Gene doesn't necessarily need to understand the situation to know that his sister could use some uplifting words. Who wouldn't want a son who encourages his siblings and boosts their confidence?


His Penchant For Personal Expression

Not one to be afraid of change, Gene is always open to updating his look. What's even better is that you know he dgaf about the haters when it comes to his fashion choices.


He'd Get Your Sarcasm

Admit it: you would love to have a son who was just as apathetic and sarcastic as you? I know I would! Gene takes sass to the next level whenever necessary.


He's Always Down For A Dance Party

Though some boys may find it difficult to express their creative side, Gene has no problem letting loose. Some may say, "Dance like no one is looking," but Gene dances no matter who's looking.


He Understands Consent

As mentioned earlier, Gene is totally a feminist. But he also knows about gender equality, consent, and bodily autonomy. These are all traits the new generation could appreciate.


He's Easily Excited

Pretty much all parents would agree that it would be incredible if their children were as easily entertained by simple things as Gene is. Add to the list that he loves tacos, and you've got a winning combo.


You'd Never Be Bored

Gene keeps things fresh. With his innovative music numbers, fashion choices, and love of adventure, you would never be bored with him. A free-thinker who doesn't care about other people's judgments sounds like one awesome kid to me.

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