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11 'Rugrats' Costumes For All You *Real* Nickelodeon Lovers

If you're a true millennial, you remember Rugrats, the Nickelodeon animated show about toddlers who ignored their parents in the name of friendship and adventure. Now that we are those parents our children just love to ignore, the show is remarkably relevant all over again. So it's no surprise that this year's sleeper costume is, yet again, the crew of Rugrats characters. We're here to help with a selection of 11 Rugrats halloween costumes, that you can either DIY or buy for the sake of convenience.

If you're dressing for a party with a bunch of friends, Rugrats characters are a great option for Halloween costumes with friends. You'll just have to fight it out over who is going to be Tommy, Dil, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, Angelica, or Kimi. If you had an even bigger group, you could even add in parents, like Didi and Stu Pickles, Tommy and Dil's resident (and sometimes negligent) adults.

Some costumes are easier to DIY than others, but thankfully stores have picked up on the popularity of the costumes and have them well stocked before Halloween creeps up on us.

Here's a run down of both DIY and in-store options for the best Rugrats costumes for your dress-up pleasure. With over 150 episodes in its heyday, at the very least you'll want to have a pre-Halloween marathon!


Chuckie costume, $20, Amazon

Everyone loves the main character, Chuckie, but if you don't already have spiky red hair you might need a little assistance in making it happen. This Chuckie costume from Amazon makes turning into the toddler-in-charge pretty darn simple. And you can even take advantage of some Prime shipping!

Tommy For Grown-Ups

Adult Tommy costume, $44.99, Spirit Halloween

An adult dressing as a baby is a standard go-to Halloween party winner, especially if your party happens to be full of friends from college or people with great sense of humor.

DIY Angelica

Purple Hair Bows, $4.95 from Walmart, T-shirt, $6 from Old Navy, blue tights, $7 from Party City, purple dress, $18 from Dress Lily

The great thing about Rugrats costumes is that they're readily available to buy, but also really simple to create yourself. You can pick up just a handful of items to make this DIY Angelica costume on your own, and probably even reuse some of those pieces in real life later on.


Reptar Costume, $79.99, Amazon

I mean, there has to be that one person who rocks up to a Halloween party with the totally over-the-top Halloween costume. Dressing up as inflatable Reptar might guarantee you that honor this year. This costume includes a jumpsuit and a fan, which is more than you will probably be able to say for any other costume at your local party!

Kids Vampire Chuckie

Kids Vampire Chuckie, $23.99, Amazon

If your kiddo is hoping to take a Halloween slant on Rugrats head character, Chuckie, this is a great option. Thankfully, it's not terribly spooky and won't scare all the other kids at the party.

DIY Lady Chuckie

Orange wig, $10 from, blue t-shirt, $4 from Walmart, green tutu, $13 from Halloween Costumes, red pumps, $34 from Target

The Rugrats costumes actually know no gender stereotypes, making it relatively easy for anyone to dress like the characters. Here's how to make Lady Chuckie happen in DIY form and without much difficulty.

Angelica Pickles

Angelica Pickles, $48.99, Amazon

If DIY really isn't your thing, your Angelica costume is just a few clicks away.

DIY Phil & Lil

Pink t-shirt, $4 from Walmart, teal tunic, €21 from Modcloth, white petticoat, $20 from Halloween Costumes, blue shorts, $40 from O'Neill

Looking for a great brother/sister costume? Or a couple costume (maybe)? Phil and Lil make for a pretty easy combo. Long teal tanks over pink t-shirts and different footwear make these costumes come together quickly.

Tot Reptar

Toddler Reptar, $20, Target

How cute would your toddler be as a little Reptar? Pretty cute and pretty warm, which is a consideration for many parents around the country in late October.

Adult Angelica & Chuckie

Adult Angelica, $39.99, Party City

Adult Chuckie, $36.99, Party City

Everything you need is a click away. Just add your own Converse Chuck Taylors to complete the look.

Reptar Jumpsuit

Adult Reptar jumpsuit, $49.99, Party City

If a giant blow-up Reptar isn't exactly your style, maybe a jumpsuit Reptar would be more your speed?

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