11 Text Messages Every Woman Sends Her BFF During Maternity Leave


I’ve gone on maternity leave once in my life, and I already had an, um, healthy connection to my smartphone when it started. (I mean it was pretty much always on me and I reached for it multiple times an hour). My phone and I were BFFs before I became a mom, but the texts I sent on maternity leave only solidified our long-lasting, forever friendship. My phone gave me a link to the outside world and allowed me to still feel like a functioning member of society, despite the fact that I was wearing pajamas for days on end and thought it was Tuesday when it was actually Friday (true story). I didn’t say I was a functioning member of society, just that I felt like one.

In all honesty, I have mixed feelings about the rise of technology in our modern society and what it’s doing to our human relationships (doesn't everyone?). However, it would be pretty ridiculous and hypocritical of me to chastise technology or the tiny little computers in our pockets, when it has provided me with so many moments to reach out to my best friend when I was trying to figure out this whole mom thing. I mean, if there was ever a time in my life that I needed my best friend, it was when I was postpartum and exhausted and sore and frustrated and worried about every little thing that involved my kid.

So, can we just take a moment and reminisce on all the texts I sent my best friend (and most women on maternity leave probably send their best friends) when I was on maternity leave? Nostalgia, go ahead and do your worst.

On Your Thoughts About Going Back To Work

For real, it's not like you thought it was going to be easy, but now that you've gotten to know your baby and know what the top of their head smells like, it's going to basically be impossible.

On Your Thoughts About Going Back To Work (20 Minutes Later)

Oh, just kidding! The chances of getting pooped on at your job are pretty slim so it's looking rather appealing.

On The Idea Of Getting Dressed

You never thought you'd find yourself saying that, but it's true (sometimes).

On Wanting Adult Conversation

You're willing to trade grown-up anecdotes for lullabies and baby talk. It's surprising that there aren't more (any) takers.

On How Impossible It Seems To Be Somewhere At A Certain Time Every Morning

You're not being high-maintenance, it's just that newborns make it hard to do any maintenance. Being low-maintenance actually feels aspirational.

On How Overwhelmed You Are

This is the stuff the sitcoms featuring new parents are made of.

On How Simple Life Used To Be

You would add "because now I get at the break of dawn, after getting only three hours of sleep," but you're just too tired.

On Logistics

Technically, it's possible that someone mentioned it, but as we discussed, you're too tired to recall.

On Small Wins

And, if she's a true BFF, she'll reply back with praise hands of her own.

On Tiny Challenges That Feel Big

There are so small, yet manage to still be so big.

On How In Love With Your Baby You Are

It is true, and let no one tell you otherwise.