11 Texts Strong Long-Distance Couples Send To Each Other To Combat The Miles

Being in a long-distance relationship is never easy, but with the right person, it's totally worth it. Thanks to technology, keeping in touch with your long-distance SO is incredibly easy. I mean, they can watch you eat breakfast from 6,000 miles away, you guys. But old-school correspondence will never die, and that includes texting. (You totes thought I was going to say letters, didn't you?) Texting is the perfect way to keep in touch with your partner all day every day, but simple emojis and "you're the best" texts won't always do. You need texts strong long-distance couples send to each other to keep your relationship healthy, thriving, and make the mileage feel a little bit smaller.

I'm a big believer in text messages no matter how far away you are from your partner. My boyfriend and I see each other four to five times a week, but that doesn't stop us from texting each other throughout the day. Neither one of us are big phone talkers, but we're also busy. We both work and we both have lives outside of each other. I can't imagine how much more difficult it is to find daily phone chat time with a long-distance couple. So to make things easier on you, but phenomenal for your relationship, here are 11 texts strong long-distance couples send to each other to keep you connected.


A Simple "Good Morning"

And that's every morning. When you're in a long distance relationship, you don't get the luxury of seeing your partner every morning (or even every other morning) before you start your day, so this text is the perfect way to let your partner know you're thinking about them.



They don't even have to be sexy ones, but every so often, you should send your partner a picture of your cute self. Sure, of course they can see your Instagram update on your new hair cut or the Snapchat of you and your dog, but what about just one of you smiling? Or the face you made when you realized you were out of coffee? Make your partner feel like they are there with you, despite the miles.


Random Details Of Your Day

It's easy to save details for when you see your partner and can actually talk about your day, but for those in a long distance relationship, that's just not feasible. And before you argue that the details aren't that important, imagine not telling your SO that you see several times a week about the random, trivial things that happen during your day. You'd quickly run out of things to talk about. So text your long distance SO about the barista that looked just like Bob Saget or the jerk that stole your parking spot at the grocery store.


Comments On The Show You Two Watch Together

If you and your SO have a show you watch together, text each other while you're watching. What's the fun in having a show that's all yours if you two never discuss it? Just make sure you're both on the same scene before you spoil it.



Obviously, right? Drive your SO crazy with sexts while the two of you are apart. What you're planning on doing to them, what you want them to do to you, and just updating them on how horny you currently are all great starts to an awesome sext conversation.


A Note That You're Thinking Of Them

Or some variation, especially if you get specific. Phone calls are great, but you're both busy people. When you know your SO has had a rough day, or you want to wish them luck on a work project, shoot them a quick "thinking of you" text. They'll love knowing that they're on your mind, and it's a great way for you both to stay connected.


Plans For Visits

Give the two of you something to look forward to and text your visit plans. It'll keep you both excited about the next time you see each other, but it's also a great way to stay organized and make plans without feeling like you're wasting your time together.


Your Personal Plans

It's not that your SO has to know your whereabouts every single second, but it's common courtesy to check in with your partner and let them know what you're up to. A simple, "I can't wait to grab drinks with the girls after work", is all you need to make your partner feel included in your life and not feel like you just disappear every so often.


Life Updates

Yep, even the big, important ones. Again, you can't talk to your partner on the phone all day and while you can save some for a phone conversation, those aren't always feasible either. (Unless you call your partner every single day.) So don't let your life updates fall through the cracks. Let your partner know how your day went, tell them about your promotion, or about your high school reunion. Let them feel like they're right there with you, and make sure to ask them for their own updates.


A Little "I Miss You"

The pinnacle of long distance texting, but get specific. Tell your SO that you miss their laugh during SNL or that you miss the smell of their shampoo. It's easy to just say you miss someone, but it's easy for your partner to feel like that's no longer a big deal of a text. But receiving one that says how much they miss your jokes over coffee? That one will get your heart fluttering and make you feel so appreciated.


Bedtime Texts

My boyfriend and I aren't even long distance, and we always make sure to send each other a goodnight text. Not only are you saving your partner from thinking you just left them hanging, but it's just a really sweet way to end the night.