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Fans Have Some ~Wild~ Ideas Of How 'Big Little Lies' Will End

In a plot littered with cliffhangers and double entendres, Big Little Lies fans haven’t been able to stop wondering about the Monterey Five ever since that ~unfortunate~ incident on the stairs. Whether viewers are preparing themselves for the worst, searching for answers, or trying to beat the producers to the punch, these theories about the Big Little Lies Season 2 finale have the potential to make everyone feel totally unhinged.

In case you haven’t yet devoted your life to a potentially murderous group of women, here's a quick recap. In season one, Jane (Shailene Woodley) comes to town and meets a group of impossibly glamorous moms from her kid's school, one of which is married to her former rapist, Perry, who has been abusing his wife Celeste (Nicole Kidman). When everything comes to a head at Trivia Night, the women catch Perry attacking Celeste and band together to fight him off. The struggle ends when Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz) shoves Perry down the stairs to his death. Fearing the legal consequences, the group maintains that Perry’s death was caused by an accidental slip down the stairs, and the cops seem to believe them.

Unfortunately for them, not everyone buys their story. Enter Mary Louise (Meryl Streep), an absolutely infuriating woman who just so happens to be Perry’s mother. Mary Louise is impressive in that she somehow manages to embody everyone's least favorite PTA mom, most critical grandparent, and worst internet troll. That being said, she wants to know what happened to her son, and she will do everything in her power to get to the truth. Unsure of how it will all end? Let these fans give you a few ideas.

The Detective Will Prove Perry Is A Serial Rapist

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It's no secret that Perry had a long history of bad behavior before his death, but if the detective was aware of his past sexual and physical violence, could she actually be on the Monterey Five's side? "I think she was likely investigating a string of rapes and sexual assaults in the surrounding area," wrote Redditor user Cupcakeann. "When the rapes, assaults completely stopped when Perry died, that probably confirmed for her that it was him but she needs confirmation of serial violent nature from Celeste and Jane." Maybe the group will discover an unexpected ally in their midst by the end of the season.

Mary Louise Will Get DNA Proof

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Although Mary Louise agreed there's a striking family resemblance between Ziggy and her son, it could be possible that her sudden interest in the boy is fueled by doubt rather than familial obligation. "Mary Louise just wants access to Ziggy so she can get a DNA sample," theorized Redditor ChangeIn2020. At this point, no one is putting anything past this woman.

Perry Killed His Own Brother

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One of the most unbearable things about Mary Louise is her determination to defend her abusive son. In fact, some fans think her estranged husband could prove the lengths she would go to safeguard Perry's name. "Mary Louise mentioned he abandoned the family after the death of her other son. Was it because Perry killed his brother and she protected him and the father could not live with any of that?" wrote Redditor anthronyu. Perhaps this finale will bring more answers than expected.

Perry's Father Killed His Brother

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The quiet mention of Perry's dead brother definitely did not go unnoticed, but for some fans, Perry is not the only suspect. "I think Perry’s father killed him. This season they really seem to be focusing on the theme of parents affecting how their children grow up," wrote Redditor rainydaybatsy. "I think that they are trying to make Perry a muddier character rather than just the evil rapist." Not a bad idea, considering this is a show that thrives off of dynamic character development. But if this season is all about the parents, could the potential murderer also be Mary Louise? Stay tuned.

Ed Will Use Bonnie To Hurt Madeline

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Ed has been caught getting cozy with Bonnie multiple times before, but after learning about Madeline's infidelity, perhaps a darker side of him will emerge by the finale. "Ed is becoming increasingly more hostile towards Madeline and seems to be looking for ways to hurt her, so what better way then to go after the new wife of the husband who abandoned her," wrote Redditor Alean92. The real question is, does Ed actually have the gall to do something like this? Does Bonnie?

Celeste Will Kill Mary Louise

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If there's one thing that Mary Louise is great at, it's getting involved in other people's business. But some fans think there might come a point in which her snooping could put her in danger. "I bet ML will die at the hands of Celeste and/or the group when she discovers too much," noted Redditor Cam4mia. Sure, the group has only ever accidentally killed one person before, but if they're still obsessed with appearances, there's no telling how far they'll go to protect themselves and their seemingly glossy lives. If someone's going to do it, it seems fair to bet on Celeste.

Mary Louise Is Drugging Celeste

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In yet another hot take regarding Mary Louise and Celeste's relationship, some viewers think Mary Louise spent a little too much time checking out Celeste's medications. "Based on what a manipulative psychopath Mary Loiuse appears to be, I wouldn't put it past her to tamper with Celeste's drugs, or even to pay the bartender to drug her, in order to make Celeste appear to be an unfit mother," wrote Redditor Remount_Kings_Troop. This would certainly be a way for Mary Louise to get closer to the twins she's so interested in, and would make for an epic discovery in the finale.

Jane's Boyfriend Is a Cop

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Listen, we are all rooting for Jane after everything she's been through, but the show might not be quite as supportive. Although her boyfriend certainly seems like a good choice for her, "He's totally a cop," wrote Redditor ABlokeLikeYou. "He's got the whole trying a little too hard to be charmingly awkward thing going on, and it's totally a plot device the show would use." His strangely observant behavior is another clue that has fans wondering about his true intentions. But even if he is an undercover cop, would Jane ever tell him the truth? Maybe viewers will find out at the end of the season.

Jane's Boyfriend Is Perry's Half Sibling

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In response to the boyfriend-cop theory, Redditor Lilfroggies commented, "Or he's one of Perry's half siblings, seems convenient ML mentionned that Perry's dad had other kids just that episode." Maybe the mention of Perry's other siblings wasn't to make fans obsess over a possible murder, but to introduce a whole new member of the family in the finale. But as good of a twist as this would be, some think it would be too cruel — sending Jane spiraling and confirming that she truly cannot catch a break.

Bonnie Won't Make It Through The Season

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This is one of the darkest fan theories, but it's still not something to put past the show. Although not much was known about Bonnie in Season 1, Season 2 has taken viewers deep inside her head and exposed some pretty intense memories. "I’ve been getting the feeling that Bonnie will (or attempt to) take her own life this season," wrote Redditor dawnGrace. "The drowning visions, her intense depression, the guilt, coupled with whatever she may have done/gone through in her past, all add up to nothing good!"

The Monterey Five Will Confess

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No matter how each woman is outwardly handling Perry's murder, it's clear that they are struggling. They have one common goal and it is to dodge the truth, but some fans think it's not long until they break down. "Madeline is eventually going to break down and want to admit to the lie. All five of them are," wrote Redditor pseudorem. "I think season 2 will end with them all breaking down and confessing - and then we'll be left with a cliffhanger."

Regardless of which theories turn out to be true, Big Little Lies has viewers on the edge of their seats, obsessing over every little detail. However, there is a certain unpredictability about the show that is almost comforting. One that encourages fans to sit back and relax because the drama is truly unforeseeable. Of course, that won't stop people from trying to stay ahead, but if you're tired of the guessing games, sit back and rest assured that a twist is coming. And it's going to be big.

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