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11 Things All '90s Kids With "Cool" Moms Got Away With

If you were lucky enough to grow up in the '90s, then you probably have fond memories of your absolutely rad childhood. You'll also definitely look back with a smile on your face when you remember things you got away with as a '90s kid with a "cool" mom. While other kids were bummed out they couldn't practice their Tony Hawk moves or rock some stellar Moon Shoes, you were living the good life and were probably the envy of all your friends.

Unfortunately, for some kids, their parents totally ruined their lives in the '90s. Most parents were nixing their kids' pleas for everything from activities and outings to purchasing music and trendy fashions. But you didn't have to worry about any of that because you had a cool mom. Long before Lorelai Gilmore become most everyone's #momgoals, you and your mom were BFFs.

In retrospect, maybe you shouldn't have gotten away with as much as you did, but nothing can top the priceless memories and Polaroid pictures you have of your carefree, decidedly chill youth. And chances are, you and your mom are still tight today. So maybe when you're done reminiscing about all the things you got away with in the '90s, you might wanna give your mom a call and let her know how much you appreciate her coolness.


She Let You Get Your Ears Pierced

Getting a needle gun jammed in your lobes by a girl not much older than you in a Claire's shop was practically a rite of passage for every '90s kid. Though some of your friends 'rents were on the conservative side and didn't approve of any type of body modification, you were already a piercing veteran.


She Ignored "Parental Advisory"

Explicit lyrics? Dark and brooding themes? Meh, your mom knew that you wouldn't turn into a rebellious teen just because of a couple edgy CDs. Your binder full of "mature" music made you the go-to tunes person at parties, during car rides, and at sleepovers.


She Wasn't Afraid Of A Little Glitter

If the 1990s are remembered for any kind of regrettable beauty trends, the whole "glitter in everything" fad is probably somewhere towards the top of the list. From hair spray and body lotion to makeup and fake tattoos, there was always a thin layer of glitter covering your bathroom counter, but your mom didn't mind.


She Let You Surf The Web In Private

In many kids' homes during the '90s, there was a designated area for the family computer (yes, just one.) That meant that kids couldn't get away with any stealth internet searches or secret AIM chats with their crush without their parents looking over their shoulder. But your mom was pretty chill and you didn't have to worry about any of that.


She Let You Go To Crazy Concerts

Woodstock '94 and '99, the Lilith Fair, Lollapalooza, and the Vans Warped Tour were just a few of the concerts your friends would have given their left leg to attend but their parents would never allow that. You, on the other hand, didn't have to stage a late-night sneak out or lie and say you were at a sleepover. In fact, your mom was probably the one who purchased your tickets.


She Gave You Your Own Phone

Whether it was a super "modern" flip phone or you got to have your own land line in your bedroom, your mom let you feel like you were the queen or king of the castle. No relying on payphones or begging your parents to get off the phone for you.


She Let You Eat Junk Food On The Reg

Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs for breakfast, Lunchables and Handi-Snacks at school, Spaghetti-os or Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese for dinner, and Dunkaroos for dessert. Your friends loved coming over to your house after school because they knew your mom would always let you have the best snack stash.


She Let You Experiment With Fashion

The '90s were the decade of girl power, which in turn launched some pretty intense and crazy styles. Midriff-baring shirts, babydoll dresses, platform shoes, spaghetti strap tops, pleather pants, hip-hugger jeans, and animal print everything (thank you, Scary Spice) filled your closet. Your mom knew that experimenting with your look was a healthy way for you to explore your identity.


She Gave You Endless Rides

Some kids had to beg and plead to get their parents to drive them places while others resigned themselves to just hanging out at places within walking distance. You? You got away with having a free chauffeur at your disposal for ever trip to the mall, skate park, and movies your heart desired.


She Let You See R-Rated Movies

You always knew you were mature and you were just glad your mom could see that, too. Looking back, maybe you shouldn't have gone to see Scream by yourself at night, but it sure made for a great story the next day at school.


She Was Your Encyclopedia

Back before a quick Google search solved all your homework woes, you had to go to the dreaded library and actually do research. You might have even needed to hand-write your papers instead of typing them easily on a computer. Lucky for you, your mom was totally fine with helping you out with whatever you needed for your school assignments. But on the real, though? She was also incredibly dope for being there for you whenever you needed her, school, crushes, or otherwise.