11 Things To Do When You’re On Bed Rest & Are Sick Of Staring At The Ceiling

I only spent five days on bedrest during my pregnancy and you know what? That was enough for me. While the first day may seem enjoyable, luxurious almost, it can get old really fast. Especially when you start thinking of the to-do list that’s not being finished and how your instinct to nest is going to make you go crazy. Finding things to do while you’re on bedrest can seem impossible, especially if your restrictions are super intense and you can’t even make it to the kitchen.

But don’t let a horizontal placement self get you down. For one thing, if your doctor has placed you on bedrest, they have a good reason. As the American Pregnancy Association notes, complications like high blood pressure or vaginal bleeding are just two common reasons why a woman may be prescribed bedrest. It can be incredibly frustrating, but when you remember that it’s for the good of you and your baby, you might feel a little bit better about the whole ordeal. Although you’re stuck in bed, that doesn’t mean you need to stare at your ceiling fan all day. There are 11 things you can do while you’re on bedrest that can help you relax, prepare for your baby, and enjoy your down time. (Trust me, you won’t have much in a few months.) Think of your bedrest as just something else you need to deal with during pregnancy like heartburn or hip pain. Except this one comes with Netflix.


Tackle Those Books On Your Nightstand

It’s hard to find time, and when there’s a brand new baby in the house that will be non existent. So while you’re stuck in your bed, get that towering pile of books out of the way and enjoy nothing but brand new literature. (Or just reread Harry Potter. I don’t judge.)


Power Through Your Netflix Queue

Although marathon breastfeeding sessions make great reasons to binge on Netflix, nothing is better than bed rest and your queue. Now you can finally finish that season of American Horror Story before the baby comes and you’re too scared of screen time or letting them see anything but Elmo.


Make Something For Your Baby

Can you knit? Whip up some booties. Have a great idea for a nursery craft? Get on it, mama. There’s plenty of room on that nightstand for Modge Podge and glitter.


Write Those Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a must if you’ve received anything for your baby, but it can definitely be hard to find the time to write them all to your generous friends. While you’re on bed rest, go ahead and get started. Finish the ones that need them, and get a head start on the ones you’ll need after your shower. Huge plus? Being on bed rest means you can’t make it to the post office, so you can pawn that duty off on someone else. Score.


Pin Crockpot Recipes

Once the baby comes, cooking is probably the last thing on your mind. Go ahead and start curating the perfect Pinterest board of easy crockpot recipes so you already have ideas when the baby’s here.


Write To Your Baby

I really regret not writing more during my pregnancy. But it’s so hard when there’s a million other things to do and you’re just flat out exhausted. If you’re the sentimental type, grab a journal and start penning some sweet notes to your baby. Talk about your pregnancy, your hopes for the future, and what you think your baby will be like. Priceless.


Finally Start That Hobby

If you’ve been meaning to pick up scrapbooking, poker, or some other hobby, now’s the perfect time to learn and master it.


Have Date Night In Bed

Pregnancy is a great time to reconnect and build some intimacy with your partner, so take your bed rest to the next level and plan a date night in bed. Candles, yummy takeout, and lots of cuddling can make your bed rest feel less like a punishment and more like a luxury.


Plan Future Adventures

Start thinking about all of the fun things you can do once the baby’s here like trips to the zoo, future Disney World excursions, or even trying out a new restaurant. If you start planning now, you’ll be even more excited once the days roll around and make some incredible memories.


Go On A Shopping Spree

Never will you be more grateful for online shopping than while you’re on bed rest. Babies need so much and you can take care of all that right there in your blankets. Register online if you haven’t done it already and fill your cart with adorable outfits, crib sheets, and other necessities.


Read All Those Baby Product Reviews

Baby gear is overwhelming enough as it is and sometimes the reviews are just too much work to sort through. But with the time you have, give them a peek and see if they can narrow down your stroller choices.