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11 'This Is Us' Season 3 Finale Quotes That Hint At What's To Come In Season 4

Season 3 of This Is Us was a whirlwind of suspense, heartbreak, and drama that sent viewers on a roller coaster of emotions, wondering which of the show’s couples would make it through the storm. Thankfully, there are plenty of This Is Us Season 3 finale quotes that can clue us in on what's to come in Season 4.

The opening shot of the season 3 finale featured a closeup of Beth Pearson (Susan Kelechi Watson), placing a game on a countertop before preparing herself a cup of coffee. It was followed by a shot of Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown), pouring himself a cup of coffee as he starts his day in his Philadelphia office, admiring the photos of his wife and daughters as he sits in his desk. And between the countless coffee-related scenes that comprised Season 3, we were privy to so much insight into what the Pearsons and company are most preoccupied with and worried about. Will Randall and Beth's marriage last? What's going on with Rebecca (Mandy Moore)'s health? Where was Rebecca's second husband (Jon Huertas)? What's going on with Nicky (Michael Angarano)?

Thankfully, the dialogue of the finale can clue us in on what to expect from season 4, premiering Sept. 24 on NBC, if we listen carefully and consider how detail-oriented the writers and directors of the show are. Every single line has a purpose; there is no such thing as throwaway dialogue in the show.

“I just don’t wanna forget anything.” — Rebecca

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When Kate, Toby, and Rebecca are in the hospital with Baby Jack, Rebecca takes notes as the doctors explains that Jack has to remember how to breathe. Rebecca grabs a notebook from her purse to take meticulous notes, annoying Kate to the point of anger.

While this quote was a quick one, it actually offers a hint about what could be happening with Rebecca in the future. There are multiple references to memory and forgetting in this episode, and if Rebecca is the "Her" the episode is referring to, those seemingly random conversations about memory could be hinting at her memory-related issues.

“I’m not seeing the door here, Randall.” — Beth

This quote comes when Beth and Randall are quickly catching up before Randall leaves for the day. They plan to have a longer conversation when he returns home, but before he leaves, she asks if he remembers when they visited an escape room a few months back. He says it was a disaster and that their daughters hated it. Right before all three girls went into full meltdown mode, Beth says, they found the door.

In the escape room that is their life, Beth isn’t seeing a door. But does she want to escape? Does she need to escape? In Season 4 we’ll find out more about Beth’s feelings regarding whether or not she still feels trapped. Is the "door" she finds by the end of the episode actually an escape?

“It looks worse than it is.” — Rebecca

While Rebecca is in the hospital after a car accident, Miguel picks up Kevin, Randall, and Kate to visit her with flowers and chocolate. The kids look shocked and worried, but Rebecca tells them that it looks worse than it is.

This could be a hint that whatever Rebecca is dealing with health-wise, in the future, is manageable. Maybe she has much more time left than the kids think. If not, this quote is a hint that she's going to do all that she can to not worry her kids as her health deteriorates.

“Blockbuster’s not going anywhere.” — Jack

This quote comes after Randall expresses concern about their rented copy of the film Hook. He was supposed to watch it with his mom, but since she’s in the hospital, and the movie a due back the next day, he worries that he’ll miss his chance. Jack reassured him that they can re-rent it because Blockbuster isn’t going anywhere... seconds before telling the Big Three that their mom doesn’t have brain damage.

This could be a hint about Rebecca in the future. While Jack doesn’t know his comment about Blockbuster is completely wrong, we, the viewers, do. Could this quick exchange be a sign that Rebecca may suffer from brain damage? We shall see. In the meantime, how about some corn sandwiches while we consider the writer’s choice to have the Randall-Rebecca movie be Hook.

“You’re really luck you met her.” — Kevin

This line comes right after Jack serves the kids corn sandwiches complete with hamburger buns, mayonnaise, and canned corn. Yikes. It’s obviously a nod to the scene in the future with Deja and Randall where she explains to him that he won the lottery twice. This quote hints at some more scenes in the future that reveal how different Jack’s life becomes once he meets Rebecca. Most likely some throwbacks to Jack’s life before Rebecca juxtaposed with moments with Rebecca where she’s showing him other ways to live his life.

“I’m trying not to bother them with my stuff.” — Tess

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When Tess struggles to pick out an outfit for yearbook photos, Kevin helps out and ends up getting into an important conversation about Tess’ sexuality and her struggles since coming out to her family. While it’s great that Tess learns that she can confide in Kevin, and he offers her some solid wisdom, the viewer learns that Tess doesn’t feel comfortable confiding in her parents because of their constant fighting.

This hints at the beginning of a confusing and difficult journey for Tess as she figures out who she is. Hopefully, she’s able to open up to her parents but this quote suggests that maybe, her feelings of alienation are just beginning.

“My kids, they don’t do so well without their mom.” — Jack

The Big Three regularly makes it clear that their dad is their hero. But every so often, we're reminded that their mom saves the day sometimes, too. When they show up before visiting hours, Jack tells the nurse that the family must be able to see Rebecca. They, as a family, are "useless" without Rebecca. She's the engine to their metaphorical family car.

This quote hints at future conflict for the Pearsons when Rebecca becomes ill. Will Kevin, Randall, and Kate fall apart?

“You know my mom didn’t want kids at first either.” — Kevin

Even though this line is problematic (it was totally unfair for Kevin to say something like that to Zoe after she explicitly tells him she has no interest in having kids), it hints at a couple things. First, maybe it’s foreshadowing and in the future Zoe will have kids with or without Kevin. Second, especially since after he says this he talks about how people change their minds in life, it could hint at a future change of heart for Kevin. We find out that Kevin does have at least one child, but we don’t know who the mother is yet. Maybe, in the future, he has conflicted feelings about parenting.

“It was very me.” — Randall

He says this when he’s describing to Beth how Deja gave him a speech about how lucky he is. It’s a possible hint that, as much as Deja wants to avoid being like Randall, she might start to become more and more like him.

Earlier in the season, Deja makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be defined by her past trauma. Something that she feels fuels Randall’s “story.” Could this be foreshadowing? Will Deja change her mind about skipping grades and going to high school? Will she embrace her similarities to Randall and take his advice more in the future?

"I want my son to grow up with the Rebecca Pearson level magic, too." — Kate

This one is particularly powerful because it hints at a storyline where Kate will finally realize that she has all of that magic within her. Her insecurities fuel her anxiety, and she admits that to her mom. Kate worries she won't be able to be as good of a mom to her child as her mom was to her. But we all know she's going to be an incredible mom. She already is. This quote hints at a journey for Kate to realize that.

"We don't work when we're apart. But together, baby, together we set the world on fire." — Beth

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This quote gives us hope for the future for Beth and Randall. And it helps that the next scene shows them embracing decades in the future as the camera zooms in to a shot of her wedding ring.

Together, Beth and Randall make their marriage work with compromise, honesty, and transparency... even when the going gets tough. Season 3 was particularly tough, too, but this quote makes it pretty clear that they're going to be OK. Thank goodness.