11 Thoughts You Have When You're Pregnant Way Past Your Due Date

By week 39 of my first pregnancy, I was really over the whole experience. I began to work from home that week, thinking it would be better to stay close as I got closer to term. Imagine my shock when it would be almost another three weeks until I actually gave birth. Going past my due date was the worst.

You would think that 9 months is ample time to prepare for having a kid. I mean, if you can’t wrap your head around becoming a parent within that timeframe, it might not ever happen. But as the days past my due date came and went, whatever confidence I had about birthing and mothering this baby started to wane. I became anxious, started to overthink everything, and really hated looking at the inside of my apartment.

Adding insult to injury, I had to make even more frequent trips to my OB’s office for sonograms because my doctor was concerned that the baby was “measuring small.” They wanted to check on growth every couple of days. The schlepping made me exhausted.

Finally, at 10 days past due, my doctor determined that the amniotic fluid was on the low end of “normal,” constituting a reason for admitting me so I could be induced. I wonder how much longer my daughter would have hung out in there if we had let things continue to proceed naturally. But I was done. (My son came late too, but thankfully it was only by three days.)

So here are some thoughts I had as I blew past my due date… with both kids.

"You’d Think I’d At Least Get A Seat On The Subway"

I'm 10 days past my due date, I am still standing on the E train. WTF?

"Is It Weird To Get Two Pedicures In The Same Week?"

Foot rubs might facilitate going into labor so I think I need to double up on this technique. Seems legit.

"I Am So Bored"

How many times can I reorganize the onesies?

"Will These Newborn Clothes Even Fit?"

If this kid doesn't come now, we may have to skip right to the 3-6 months size.

"Who Can I Call When My Pen Rolls Under The Desk?"

Because I can’t even. No, literally. I cannot.

"I Should Go For A Walk"

Maybe that will put me in labor. But that would require putting on shoes, which is no longer physically possible.

"Why Aren’t There More Pregnant People On TV?"

Because going anywhere now is a major production, I’m home more, the TV is on more, and I realize how few people there are on these shows who look like me, except on those old A Baby Story re-runs.

"Did We Pick Out The Wrong Name?"

Given too much time, I start second-guessing every decision made about this baby so far. I immediately start hating every song on my birth playlist.

"I Should Proof My Birth Plan Again For Typos"

There is nothing. left. to. do.

"This Baby Will Be 20 Pounds"

At the approximate rate of gaining half a pound of week for the last several weeks of gestation, and I’m already a week and a half late overdue... *does terrifying math in head*

"This Baby Is Never Coming Out"


(Spoiler: The baby came out.)