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11 Ways Being A Working Mom Actually Makes You Better At Your Job

Quick! What's the best thing about your work day? Maybe it's greeting from the kind receptionist when you arrive and head to your desk. Or perhaps when your favorite customer comes in and leaves a generous tip? What about when Taylor Dayne comes on the '80s adult contemporary playlist your boss insists on playing throughout the entire office? Or knowing that when you go back to work after having a baby, you bring with you a new set of skills that makes you a completely amazing employee? That feels pretty good, too. (Suggestion: Ponder this that whilst listening to Taylor Dayne. I'll wait.)

Seriously, it's common knowledge that working and parenting are tough on their own, and they can be even harder when you put them together. However, let's not forget that plenty of good can come from it, too, for you, your boss, and for your kiddo. It's demanding, it's tiring, it can be stressful. But it can also be rewarding, enriching, and satisfying, and it's my belief that managing all of those feelings only makes you stronger and better at what you do, both inside and outside the home. In fact, here's some of the positives that working moms can bring to the working world:

Your Workspace Is Full Of Happy Pictures, And Who Doesn't Love Happy Pictures?

Nothing like adorable baby photos to brighten your day, and the day of everyone who comes to your desk, right?

You’ve Got The Best Motivation, Ever

Yes, it's cheesy. Yes, it's kinda cliché. But, it's true. Whenever I feel myself dragging or struggling with productivity, thinking of my little one and how he'll someday understand his mom's work makes me want to crush it.

You Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

No matter what happens at work, if no one got hurt or came down with a rash of some kind, then you're already over it. When you have a kid, your measure of what constitutes a "crisis" radically changes, which means you're more likely to look cool as hell during what other people might label as such.

You Appreciate Your Breaks For The Glorious Gifts That They Are

When lunching at home means apple slices and cheese while standing in the kitchen. Having the chance to take a real lunch break, or even just grab a real coffee from a nearby stand, makes you feel about as fancy as if you'd ridden an elephant there (no, seriously, what's the peak of fanciness if not elephant rides?).

You Manage Your Deadlines Like A Boss

Perhaps it's the months or years of practice you've had with getting a kiddo's diaper changed, jacket zipped, and shoes velcroed in 90 seconds flat, but you know how to get things done in their appropriate windows of time. Only 10 minutes left to finish a project for your boss? Psh. It'll be ready in nine.

You Know You’re Setting An Example

As a work-from-home mom, the example of me in my sweats looking at words on a screen probably doesn't look that different to my son than me in my sweats looking at him, at books, or blocks, or Pitch Perfect. Still, it will make sense to my kid eventually (as will the feelings I have during the finale, every. single. time. I watch that movie).

You Don't Have Time To Mess Around

All issues are going to be resolved before I log out, so help me, because my son and my partner are getting home soon and I need snuggles more than I need to reply to more emails.

You Want To Make The Best Of It, Because It’s Taking Time Away From Your Kids

For real, if I'm going to spend hours away from my kiddo, you better believe that I'm going to find a way to stay in a positive head space. I'm inclined to think that moms are less likely to be moody at work. It's like, OK, we're here and that meant arranging childcare and not being with our kid, and probably a sh*t ton of other logistical maneuvers, and having successfully made that all fall into place is the kind of triumph that trumps any minor annoyance that might lead a mere mortal employee to be cranky all day. Like, if a working mom actually got to work, it's already a good day, and there's little that an be done to derail that feeling.

You Can Enjoy Your Co-Workers And Conversations More

Does anyone need to talk about TPS reports? My son's been on a construction equipment kick and I can only handle making so many sound effects before it hurts my throat.

You’re ~Probably~ Caffeinated And Moving More Quickly Than Before

And by "probably," I mean "definitely."

You Always Have Snacks

I spent all of my 20s not carrying Goldfish crackers in my pursue, and I seriously didn't know what I was missing. Now I'm ready to take on the working world.