11 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Partner In One Day

When you're in a strong, healthy relationship, everything else in your life seems to follow suit, right? Maybe it's because love has put a positive spin on things that used to bring you down, or maybe the whole world seems a little rosier once you're in love. But no matter how great things feel between you and your partner, there comes a time when you want to improve your relationship in one day.

Sounds difficult, I know, but it's really not. You already know that relationships take a lot of work and effort. You know that you have to communicate, compromise, and occasionally argue to keep things afloat. But maintaining a relationship is a totally different skill than improving a relationship. At some point, your relationship's going to need a boost or a new, fresh spark. But you don't have to go on some wild adventure with your spouse or follow a giant checklist to make your relationship better. Instead, these 11 things can improve your relationship in just one day, and you don't even have to do all of them. Pick only one if you prefer, or focus on a handful to send your relationship back to the top. These little things are so subtle, your partner may not even realize what you're trying to do, and the best part? They are easy, enjoyable things that pack a lot of benefits.


Be Appreciative

And not necessarily of the big things. Your partner makes the coffee every morning before you get up, so send them a little 'thank you' text and remind them that you notice. Appreciation can go a long way for both of you, especially when you consider that a lack of it can kill your relationship.


Text Your Partner Something Loving

Communication throughout the day is important no matter what you're saying, but those sweet words may be just what your partner needed to hear.


Go Tech-Free When You're Together

Once the two of you are together at the end of the day, put the phones and laptops away and just focus on each other. Leave the TV off, too. It's time to wind down and actually talk.


Ask Specific Questions About Their Day

If you knew your partner had a big project due that morning, ask how it went. Even little things like what they had for lunch or how was traffic on the way home can open up the door for your partner to talk about their day in a way they didn't consider before. Often, little things that happen through our days are forgotten by the time we're with our partners, so asking specific questions can give you some details about their day.


Cook Dinner Together

Like really cook. One of you chop veggies, while the other's searing meat. Make dessert together and do lots of taste tests. Cooking is such a great way to connect with your partner, especially when you're working together. Doubly effective (I think, anyway): cleaning up together.


Take A Shower Together

You don't have to make it an erotic thing, but there is something very connecting and sensual about washing each other's hair, lathering up shoulders with a little extra massage action, and enjoying the hot water together.


Touch Each Other

When your partner walks past you, reach out for a kiss. When you're sitting on the couch, have your legs touching. Rub your partner's head during a Netflix binge or place your hand on their back as you both look in the fridge for dinner. Remind them that you are there and that you can't keep your hands off of them.


Smile At Your Partner

A 2005 study conducted by Hewlett Packard found that receiving a smile from a loved one provided a higher level of stimulation to the brain and heart than a cigarette or a monetary gift. Huge, right? So smile at your partner as often as you can to give their brain and heart that exhilarating boost.


Hold Your Partner's Hand

Holding hands is a sweet gesture that has a lot to do with your partner's anxiety and stress levels. A study found that when happily married couples held hands, the wives' anxiety levels and stress were reduced while holding their husbands' hands. Even if your partner doesn't feel particularly stressed, holding their hand may reduce any anxieties you don't notice and make them feel safer and more secure in your relationship.


Compliment Your Partner

"You're hot" is always a welcomed compliment, but saying things like, "I love your motivation" or "You're so great at your job" will make your partner feel like a million bucks.


Go To Bed Together

Studies have found that when partners are on different sleep schedules, they reported less relationship satisfaction. More conflict, less time together, and a lack of sex all can be contributed to being on different sleep schedules as well. So make it a priority to go to bed together. You may have to juggle a few things, but having that routine can improve your relationship immensely.

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