11 "Weird" Celebrity Baby Names That Totally Grew On Us

Celebrities are known for some wacky names, am I right? The minute a celebrity announces their pregnancy, the world braces itself to hear the name they're going to bestow on their child. But let's be honest here. It doesn't matter how ridiculous they sound or how horrifying they will look on a job application, there are some weird celebrity baby names that totally grow on us. Whether it's because we read them in every magazine we open or see them trending on Twitter, these unusual celebrity baby names sound almost normal and can even inspire our own baby name lists.

The most recent weird celebrity baby name? That would be courtesy of Jessa Duggar, daughter of the immensely famous Duggar clan from TLC's now-canceled 19 Kids and Counting. Fifth-in-line Jessa married Ben Seewald last year and just gave birth to their first child, a boy they named Spurgeon. Let's just say it again, because it's pretty ridiculous — Spurgeon. Spurgeon Seewald. Further proving the fact that you can have a normal name, your partner can have a normal name, and your celebrity status can make you do strange things like name your child Spurgeon. But give it time, right? We all rolled our eyes at Holly Madison naming her daughter Rainbow Aurora and now ... well it's still a little weird. These 11 weird baby names, however, have totally grown on us. And maybe Spurgeon will make the list in a few years. (Or maybe we'll still be wondering what Jessa was thinking)



In 2004, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced that their little bundle of joy was going to be named after a fruit, forcing the world into a collective "UGH." But you know what? Through the years, Apple has become a sweet, wholesome, darling little name. It's still not popular, but it's definitely nicer to hear eleven years later.



The name Wyatt may not sound too weird, but remember that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis gave the name to their daughter last year. At first, people thought it went beyond most gender-bending names, but now it's kind of cute and spunky.


Briar Rose

My heart belongs to Disney, but even I rolled my eyes when Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen named their daughter Briar Rose in 2014. I mean, I guess they weren't trying to be too literal about their Sleeping Beauty, but the name still seemed ridiculous, right? Well, it's totally grown on me and I think it's whimsical and perfect.



Actress Busy Philipps pulled a Gwyneth in 2013 when she gave her baby a totally unique non-name — Cricket. I think most of us rolled our eyes the rest of the year, but now I think it's just so quirky and adorable. I mean, Cricket! Say it out loud a few times. Totes precious.



Where were you the day you heard that Kimye was going to name their child North? We all know, don't we? And now we're all so used to seeing the name splashed in every magazine that it seems fairly normal. Especially when Kris Jenner explained the name's meaning by referencing that north is the highest point, and that North is Kim and Kanye's highest point together. Kind of sweet, right?



In 2012, Jason Bateman and his wife welcomed a bouncing baby girl and named her after a condiment. Little Maple sounded like she was destined for a lifetime of Canada jokes, but nearly four years later, I'm down with the Maple. It has a nature-feel and is, pun totally intended, sweet.


Blue Ivy

Maybe it's because we hear it every time we turn around, but Blue Ivy isn't quite as ridiculous sounding of a name as it was in 2012 when Beyonce and Jay-Z had their daughter. It's unique and has bit of a noble flair, right? Maybe because her mom's Queen Bey.



I absolutely love rustic, nature-inspired names, but even I thought Sparrow was a bit much for a baby when Nicole Richie and Joel Madden gave it to their little guy back in 2009. Now, I call it hippie-chic and I think it's a lovely name for a little boy or girl.



Yes, James is a totally normal, classic name... for a boy. But Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds bestowed the traditional name on their little girl earlier this year. It seemed like they were trying a little too hard, but with Blake making a predominately male name work for her, it's worth give James a spin on her daughter.



You know how you should choose a name that will fit your baby through all the stages of their life? Well, Olivia Wilde just went straight for the old man choice by naming her son Otis. But, naturally, we're totally in love with it now. It sounds less old and grumpy-man-ish and more vintage, hip, and cute.


Jagger Snow

Back in 2008, Ashlee Simpson and then-husband Pete Wentz rocked the world when they announced that their son's name would be Bronx Mowgli. Let's be real here, it's a name we're all still getting used to. But when she had her daughter with current husband Evan Ross this year, she continued with the unique theme by naming her Jagger Snow. If you're still unsure, I get it, but the name is totally rocking. Besides, it gives the parents an excuse to sing "Moves Like Jagger" once she starts getting mobile, right?

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