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You'll Love These April-Inspired Cat Names & Your Cat Will Be Like, Whatever

Like most months, April means different things to different people. But what does it mean for your cat? Given the average cat's temperament, I'm going to guess anything that doesn't directly affect your kitty's immediate comfort level doesn't mean all that much to her. Unless, of course, April is the month you bring your new furry friend home. In that case, you might be in the market for some April-inspired cat names. (Your cat won't care, but so what?)

Actually, cats might like certain things about the month of April. Maybe the floor is less chilly on her paws. Maybe there are interesting insects making an appearance in the yard. Maybe finding a warm, sunny patch to nap in is easier these days. If your cat could speak, she might begrudgingly admit that yes, April is pretty okay as far as months go.

Would she consent to the idea of being named after her special month? Perhaps not, but that's only because she would likely insist that you address her in a less casual way, like "Your majesty" or "Highness." This, however, is why you should honestly be glad that you cat can't talk. I know, sounds like so much fun. But consider what she would have to say about your secret candy shelf or how often you rely on dry shampoo. Cats see everything. And you just know they're super judgmental.

Anyway, I feel fairly confident that your cat would not hate any of the April-inspired names on this list. Maybe she wouldn't love them, but she wouldn't hate them.



As explained, months are often named for gods and goddesses, and there are those who theorize that April was named for the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Equally as fitting, however, if not more so (for some reason), is the Roman goddess of love's name: Venus.



April is generally associated with Easter, or at least it is this year (sometimes Easter falls during March, to be fair). Cats aren't generally thought of Easter animals, but bunnies are... and what's a cuter bunny/cat name than Flopsy, one of Peter Cottontail's better-behaved sisters?



Another special day in April is Earth Day, with this year's theme, "Protect Our Species," focusing on the preservation of endangered species. Tiger might sound like a boring old school cat name at first (and/or the name of the dog on The Brady Bunch), but it feels much more modern when you think of it as an homage to the big cats.



Because diamonds are the birthstone for April, according to the American Gem Society, it seems only right to give your cat a name that would function as an excuse to dress her in a "diamond" collar. Duchess would also work, as would tried-and-true classic Princess.



Because the official April birth flower is the daisy, according to ProFlowers, and daisies are so sweet and cheerful and cute, this one is a no-brainer.



Another thing you might not have known about April? It's Jazz Appreciation Month. So if your cat is a real cool cat (you dig?), celebrate a jazz great and name him Coltrane.



Those with birthdays between the dates of March 20 and April 19 are born under the sign of Aries, according to Astrostyle. Mars, the "fiery red planet of energy and drive," is the ruling planet for Aries... so if your kitty has something of a fighting spirit, this name might be perfect.



Those with a birthday that falls between April 20 and May 20 are born under the sign of Taurus. Ruled by Venus, according to Astrostyle, which is the planet of love and beauty, a Taurus kitten needs a correspondingly romantic name.



The ancient Latin word for "rain storm," according to Sciencing, this is a fun play on the April showers theme (especially for a gray, storm cloud-colored cat).



Arbor Day will be celebrated on April 26 in 2019. Do your part to help trees by naming your cat in the holiday's honor and making a donation or planting a sapling on his behalf.



Getting back to the showers/flowers thing in a less obvious way: rain = rain boots. cats w/white feet = cats in boots! Awww, how cute.



April is also National Poetry Month. Since all cats look so timeless and wise, you could easily name your pet after the ancient mystic and poet and it wouldn't feel like a stretch.