These Bright Swimsuits For Kids *Scream* Pool Party

A crazy, colorful swimsuit is something that just about every kid has at some point growing up. For me, it was a bright yellow and blue two piece with huge flowers on it that I wore for two summers in a row in middle school. I felt like I was the pre-teen queen of every swimming session for those two summers. Luckily, your kids can experience this exact same feeling by choosing one of these colorful kids swimsuits to rock all summer long.

Whether they will be splashing in a pool, lounging by a lake, or diving headfirst into ocean waves, these outrageously bright swimsuits are sure to make a splash wherever they go. From funky pineapple prints to color block suits that will give you all the retro vibes you can handle, these suits scream fun. A bright suit is the perfect choice for kids who love to be the center of attention, but is also great for creative kids who just love to have fun with their clothing choices. With options for both boys and girls, this selection is sure to have plenty of options to please choosy kids and parents alike.

Now, if I could only choose which giant inflatable sprinkler goes best with my kid's new neon swimsuit, my kids would be totally set for summer fun.


Bright Doodles & Funky Colors

This tankini-style girls swimsuit from The Children's Place is perfect for girls with an artistic side. The mint green color may look subdued at first glance, but pops of color in the drawings of sunglasses, hearts, and rainbows make this style stand out from the crowd.


All Gators All Day

Chubbies carries so many brightly colored swimsuits that it's hard to choose which one will best suit kids who want to make a splash at their next pool party. But these adorable alligator swim trunks are just too cute to pass up. The bright pink background and teal alligators are a splashingly bright combination that is sure to please any fun-loving kid.


Tropical Vibes

My go-to when shopping for bright swimsuits for my stepdaughter is Justice. I can personally attest to the ridiculous brightness of their suits holding up to lots of time in the sun and plenty of washes. I also love that they have inclusive sizing.


Birds Of A Feather Swim Together

If you're going to be shopping at Target anyway, you might as well pick up a pair of these funky boys swim trunks while you're there. Bright green, blue, red, and yellow birds with feathers pluming stand out against the bright white background of these totally cool board short-style swim trunks.


Watermelon Daze

Another amazing Target find is this super bright watermelon swimsuit for girls. (Um, hi, does this come in adult sizes so that I can wear one, too?) The removable neon green ruffle swim skirt is the stuff childhood dreams are made of.


Dino-mite Swim Trunks

I may or may not have already ordered these ridiculously fun dinosaur swim trunks from Chubbies for my son. The bright purple background with bright blue retro shapes and doodles feature neon orange dinosaurs that absolutely pop. These funky swim shorts are perfect for all of the sprinkler running and slip-n-slide action your kids can handle.


Metallic Mayhem

This bright and shiny metallic one piece swimsuit from Justice is perfect for girls who want to stand out in a crowd. The shimmer effect that the metallic fabric creates is perfect for wearing to any beach or pool in the summer sun.


Go Go Geometric

Boys can make a splash in these neon green board shorts by Sketchers. The funky geometric design is giving me so many 80s vibes, I can barely stand it, and the black color block on the bottom of the shorts really helps offset the brightness of the neon green.


Fun With Flamingoes

Flamingoes are such a summer staple that they have become commonplace in swimwear design. But this bright and splashy one piece girls swimsuit design by Justice is anything but commonplace. The solid teal color is just dreamy and the bright pink flamingo and pink strap detailing really pop.


Sporty Color Fade

Don't be fooled by the words "color fade" because the color on these Under Armour boys swim trunks at Dick's Sporting Goods is so bright, you might need to throw on a pair of shades when looking at them. The neon green and bright blue design of these trunks is sure to make a splash this summer.


Magical Sequined Unicorn

Would this really be an article about kids swimsuits without at least one girls unicorn swimsuit? This unicorn swimsuit is so magical, it even has shimmery sequins and rainbow stripes. No doubt about it, this one is as bright and shiny as any girl could want.


Pineapple Surprise

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well, it could be your kid when he sports these bright yellow swim trunks from Abercrombie and Fitch all summer long. The bright blue pineapples are so whimsical and fun that your kid won't be able to stand not wearing these board shorts to every single pool party they're invited to.