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If You're A New Mom, These 12 GIFs Are Basically Your Entire Existence

Seriously, how did we ever survive without GIFs and memes to describe our emotions? And if you're a new mom, you have a lot of emotions happening right now. I get it, believe me. Having been there (twice), I can admit to a full range of feelings on any given moment during the early days of motherhood. You are so happy, overwhelmed, scared, worried, empowered and most certainly exhausted. Whoever said "nothing prepares you for motherhood" was 100 percent correct. That's why these GIFs that perfectly describe being a new mom are so hilarious (and did I mention having a sense of humor is key?).

The comic relief I get out of seeing a perfectly accurate GIF, especially as it relates to motherhood, makes me so happy. It also reminds me that it is okay to laugh at myself and this crazy world of parenting, both its trials and its joys. Whether it is sleepless nights or mom's night out (yay!), there's a GIF out there that every mama will find relatable at some point in her journey. And it's all about finding other moms who can relate to your struggle, right? Here are some of my favorites... break out the popcorn and wine!


When the realization hits...

Yep. You're a mom. Whether it's the moment the baby is placed on your chest or when you're knee deep in dirty diapers a month later, the realization will hit like a ton of bricks. You're someone's mother. GULP.


When you realize baby needs a lot of stuff...

I mean, babies are so SMALL. How on earth do they need so much stuff? From diapers and wipes to formula and baby food, trips to Target have become your weekly routine (as if that wasn't the routine already).


When you're feeling confident...

At some point in the first few months, you're going to feel like you have things under control. Like you've finally got this. Then, most likely, your baby will throw a curve ball with a bout of massive diarrhea. But up until that point? Yeah, you've got this whole motherhood thing down.


When you try and sleep next to baby...

There's nothing like being poked in the eye while you're desperately trying to get some sleep to make you re-think this whole co-sleeping arrangement. Good thing babies are so cute.


When baby just won't stop crying...

Babies cry. A lot. And since you're just getting to know this little person, it can be challenging figuring out what each cry means and why it's happening (hint: it's usually hunger or a wet diaper).


When you need a drink...

Listen, I'm not trying to promote alcohol consumption, but on the other hand, having a glass of wine after a long day with your baby can be a nice treat in the evening. Especially if your day included an exploding diaper or two.


When people immediately start asking when you're having your second...

I think my first baby was less than 6 months old when family and friends (and the occasional mom at the park) started asking me when we were going to have another. Hold on a minute! Let me get a handle on raising this human being first, OK?


When baby finally sleeps through the night...

Crack the champagne, put on your dancing shoes, start the bubble bath. Or, just go to bed early yourself. Getting your own sleep routine back is cause for a major celebration.


When you realize singing a lullaby is more interesting to you than your baby...

I love to sing (mostly in the shower), so putting my little one to bed with a lullaby was one of my favorite parts of our daily routine. Entertaining your child with a little song and a goofy voice and seeing their reaction is when parenthood starts getting fun. I may have enjoyed it a little more than they did, though, I admit!


When you finally get a Mom's Night Out...

Long days and nights with baby call for a much-needed Mom's Night Out (that deserves capitalization, right?). And since we all know these are hard to plan and likely few and far between in the early days of motherhood, when one finally gets on the calendar, well... get ready, world! Mama's stepping out.


When all the caffeine in the world isn't enough...

New motherhood basically means double fisting a Coke and Starbucks coffee might just get you through till lunch.


When you realize you're basically Wonder Woman in disguise...

You birthed a human being, after all. You're a super hero, a rock star, you're freakin' Wonder Woman in disguise.