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12 Kid-Friendly Tie-Dye Crafts That You'll Actually Want To Keep

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If you've officially run out of ideas to stave off the outright boredom your kids continuously complain about during the summer months, these tie-dye crafts to do with your kids are here to save your sanity. While you may not have tie-dyed anything since back at summer camp during your own childhood, you probably remember just how much fun the process can be. (Not to mention how cool you felt in your oversized tie-dyed tee, fashionably knotted up at your hip, of course.)

Tie-dying fabric is pretty simple once you get the hang of it, and even if you've never actually done it before, it's honestly hard to mess up. After all, the beauty of tie-dying is that you get to create a unique design that expresses your individuality. Plus, it's a safe activity to try at home with kids, and your little ones will love the opportunity to make a giant mess with different dyes.

But tie-dying doesn't have to just be done with t-shirts. You can use similar techniques to create all sorts of crafts with your kids and wind up with a groovy piece of art at the end of it all. Read on to see what funky crafts you and your kiddos can create with tie-dye effects.


Tie-Dye Headbands

Tie-dyed accessories like these headbands from DIY Candy are an easy way to jazz up any hairstyle. Plus, this particular craft involves tie-dying t-shirts and then converting them into stylish headbands that are braided, twisted, or knotted, so you're getting to experience two crafts in one. Not only will your kids love wearing these, but you can totally make some for yourself as well.


Tie-Dye Soap

Making homemade soaps is so much fun. It makes me feel like a pioneer helping set my family up for success. My kids love the process too, and this tutorial for making your own tie-dye soap from the blog A Beautiful Mess is sure to get your kids pumped, too.


Tie-Dye Tapestries

These tie-dye tapestries from Handmade Charlotte are an absolutely gorgeous craft to make with your kids. You can hang these works of art in their rooms, in your window, or gift them to friends. No matter which direction you go with your tapestry, you'll have fun tie-dying and end up with a pretty memento to remember the excitement of this activity.


Tie-Dye Sneakers

If your kids have an old pair of plain canvas sneakers, you can totally transform them by applying a tie-dye technique. This step-by-step guide on the Natalme blog shows you how to easily apply tie-dye to shoes and blend it in to create a trendy ombre effect your kids will love. Honestly, I may do this to a pair of my own shoes, I love it so much.


Tie Dye Hammock

This project looks like it would be quite a large undertaking, but if you have the outdoor space, several buckets, and plenty of patience, you and your kids can totally create a dreamy tie-dye hammock following the instructions from Studio DIY. After all that work to create such a masterpiece, you'll be ready to relax for sure.


Sharpie Tie-Dye T-Shirts

If you're looking to make a tie-dyed tee that doesn't make quite as much of a mess as traditional dying techniques, this crafty solution for Sharpie Tie-Dye T-shirts from Meatloaf and Melodrama is perfect. Using a combination of different colored permanent markers and rubbing alcohol, you and your kids can create incredible tie-dye effects on cotton tees.


Tie-Dye Fabric Jewelry

Making jewelry is one craft that kids typically love doing — especially when part of the process involves getting messy with tie-dye. This tutorial from the blog Rosyscription for tie-dye fabric jewelry combines braiding, beading, and twisting to create funky necklaces and bracelets. The options for colors and styles are truly endless.


Tie-Dye Pillow

This tutorial for how to create a tie-dye pillow from Decor Hacks can be done with either a simple white pillowcase, or plain white fabric that you want to sew into a pillow that you make and stuff yourself. Either way, the easy-to-follow instructions make this project great for kids. The end result is a pretty tie-dyed pillow that will brighten up any room.


Coffee Filter Butterflies

If you've never helped your kids make coffee filter butterflies before, you are absolutely missing out on the easiest way to enjoy the look of tie-dye on a craft that your kids can pretty much do themselves. All you need are washable markers, pipe cleaners, coffee filters, a spray bottle, and a tiny bit of adult supervision to follow this tutorial from This Grandma Is Fun.


DIY Tie-Dye Tights

If your kids can't get enough tie-dye, they're going to fall head over heels for these DIY tie-dye tights from the blog Whimsy Love. The process is basically the same as tie-dying a t-shirt, but you'll need plain white leggings to create the tie-dyed effect using any colors your kids want. Once they're ready, your kiddo can wear them over and over again.


Tie-Dye Stained Glass

Another throwback to your summer camp days, these tie-dye stained glass crafts from 30 Minute Crafts are an easy way to help your kids create tie-dyed masterpieces at home. Using plastic baggies, dye, popsicle sticks, and white glue, these fun creations are a simple way to get your kids to express their creativity through tie-dye art.


Spray-Dye Scarf

Right now, you may be using a scarf as a makeshift face covering when you're out and about. To turn a plain scarf into a funky tie-dyed accessory, you can use a method like spray-dying. These instructions on the blog 30 Minute Crafts are easy to follow, and because you're using liquid in a spray bottle to create the tie-dyed effect, it's less messy than traditional methods.

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