Here Are 12 Amazing Kiddie Pools With Slides That Aren't Sold Out... Yet

If your big plans to hit the water park this year are all wet, don't worry. There are some truly spectacular kiddie pools with slides on the market, and they're not all sold out yet (but they probably will be soon). Throw in some freeze pops and a water bucket, and your kids will have everything they need to experience the joy of summer.

Once upon a time, kiddie pools were all pretty much the same: Hard, plastic, maybe with some pictures of fish or crabs on the bottom. Things got boring fast. Now kiddie pools come in all shapes and sizes (from cheeseburgers to hearts), but the best part is that some of them include slides. Whether your kid is into dinosaurs or unicorns or pirates or even candy, there's a pool to make their backyard water slide dreams come true. Some of these pools even function as entire play centers that you can inflate and deflate as needed (in case you didn't feel like installing a permanent play structure). Just one word of warning: You need to jump on these pool-with-slide combos quick, because even though there are some choices available now, they're still in short supply. Here are a few you can still buy... if you hurry.

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A Colorful Rainbow

Rainbows never go out of style, and they're even better when they connect to the hose! This pool is actually two in one that are connected by the fun water slide. There's also a ring toss game (which includes 4 inflatable rings), a ball roller game, and a ball toss game (which includes 6 plastic balls). This pool has plug on the bottom of the pool for easy draining and is designed for kids between 3 and 7 years old.


Dinosaur Adventures

Kids 2 and up can play in this pool with a movable spraying arch (that attaches to your hose), ball and ring toss games, and a ball rolling track. There's even a landing pad at the end of the slide to keep your kiddo safe. All accessories are included.


Friendly Gator Pool

This pool includes a slide, some mushroom shade, a ring toss game, a fishing bucket, and a sprinkler, plus a landing mat at the bottom of the slide for extra comfort. The pool connects to the hose to keep the sprinkler going, and it's designed for kids 2 years old and up.


A Sweet Spot To Cool Down

The Candy Land board game is great for rainy days, but the pool version is way better for sunny skies (or partly cloudy, or even sprinkling if your little one just loves the water). Kids between 2 and 10 years old can play in this center that includes a slide with landing mat, balls to roll or toss down the slide, two inflatable lollipops, and a sprayer from the arch over the slide.


Oceanside Splash Party

Featuring a slide, an inflatable dolphin, four starfish rings, a sprinkling post, and a rainbow canopy, you can connect the hose to it for a fountain effect along the perimeter of the pool as well as at the bottom of the slide for a little extra fun. The play center measures 90 x 68 x 22" when it's all set up.


The Perfect Place For Playing & Relaxing

Who doesn't love relaxing in the water under a palm tree? A super chill kiddie pool with a slide and a little fountain, this play center is perfect for the kid who likes to relax between rides down the water slide.


Hot Lava & Cold Water

The hungry dinosaur on this pool isn't just for show; in addition to splashing and sliding, your kids can use the six included balls to feed the dino while they play. Water sprays from the palm tree and as a waterfall from the arch, and there's a drain plug on the bottom for easy tear down and a landing mat at the end of the slide. Best for kids 3 years old and up.


Two Pools In One

Your kiddo can splash in the big pool or wade in the smaller one until it's their turn to use the slide. There is an option to connect the hose to have water spraying from the sides of the pool (which you can easily adjust for water flow), an inflatable ring toss game, and inflatable whale and turtle toys. This pool is best for kids 2 years old and up.


An Underwater Party

This pool works great for a wide range of ages, because you can choose whether or not to set up the slide based on their stage of development. There's also an octopus ring toss game, inflatable dolphin, starfish, and clown fish accessories, and you can attach a hose for a palm tree sprinkler.


The Next Best Thing To Sailing The Open Sea

How cute is this pool? It comes with two inflatable toy swords, has extra padding under the slide for a soft landing, and includes a pirate cannon with 6 balls to shoot. The arch at the top sprays water down when the hose is connected to the pool and there's a drain plug on the bottom. Best for kids 2 years old and up.


A Jungle Jam

Split into two parts (thanks to the crocodile slide), this pool includes a ring toss game, and the giraffe hooks up to the hose to spray the kids while they swim. (This one might take a little while to blow up, from the looks of it.)


Pure Pool Magic

Kids 3 years old and up will love this little pool with a removable rainbow slide and a unicorn that hooks up to the hose to spray them with water. It's made from durable PVC materials, but also comes with a repair patch, just in case.