This Adorable Heart-Shaped Pool Was Made For Grown-Ups & Be Still My Heart

When you think of inflatable pools, you probably picture little kids splashing around in a backyard. Not so with this heart-shaped inflatable pool from, which (woot) is designed to comfortably seat two to three adults. Since social distancing is still with us (and probably will be throughout the summer), you might not be spending as much time at the beach or public pool this summer. So obviously you'll literally need this for hot summer days — and maybe even hotter summer nights with your sweetie.

The Heart-Shaped Inflatable Pool from is cheerful and cute and retro and everything you want in a summer fun-themed purchase, and you can currently score 25% off with the code “Staycation” (full price is $85). And if you're worried it might not live up to its promise of comfortably fitting up to three grown people, customer reviews say it's just as roomy as the company claims. One reviewer even found that they could fit four people in if everyone sat criss-cross applesauce-style. The pool holds up to 12 gallons of water, which is more than enough for splashing and relaxing.

And here are some additional deets, according to the website: The pool is made from a heavyweight vinyl, but just in case your kiddo tries to crash your adults-only party (like, literally crashes into the pool and causes a hole), it comes with a patch repair kit so your child won’t sink all of your pool party fun. Four air valves are designed to drain the water out from the pool when you’re done dunking yourself, or the water starts to get chilly (whichever happens first).

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If space is a concern, then this is the pool for you. If you don't have a backyard, try it on the patio or in the driveway. While you can’t necessarily swim laps in this pool, it’s kind of perfect for those times when you just want to unwind after a long day and take a dip. After all, imagine sitting in a heart-shaped pool with your partner and a cold adult beverage in your hand. It just might some amorous feelings — or you could just use it as a super cute cooler. Your choice.

Either way, if you have your heart set on this pool (get it?), don't wait too long to place your order. Pools are selling out at lightning speed right now, and this one is bound to disappear in a flash.