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Even Marie Kondo Would Find Joy In These 12 Minimalist Dog Names

Thanks to Marie Kondo's much-buzzed-about "KonMari" decluttering method, minimalism is the ideal for millions. When you pare down everything but your most-beloved items, you're left with a less-crowded living space and a sense of calm. So why not take the technique to other areas of your life... like pet names? Picking a minimalist dog name could be the next big trend among KonMari followers, and perhaps beyond.

Really, what's the deal with giving your dog a name with lots of syllables? Or more than one name, for that matter? Unless your pooch is a member of the royal family, you don't need to overload it with a flouncy, overly clever moniker. It's not like it's going to go around the neighborhood telling the other dogs, "My people loved me so much, they named me Yeezy McRuffFluff." The purebreds who compete for the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show title have short "call names" in addition to their full registered names, as the Barrett Weimeraners website explained. A champion pooch may officially be known as Ch. Valmont's Rebel Alliance Millennium Falcon in the show ring, but he answers to "Han" when he's getting a tummy rub at home.

Even the American Kennel Club recommends that you give your dog a short one- or two-syllable name, which will get its attention more quickly than a longer mouthful. If it's heavy on the consonants, so much the better; dogs hear hard sounds more clearly than soft ones. It seems minimalism is actually hard-wired into a dog's brain.

Welcoming a new pup into the family? First of all: yay. Second: Consider gifting it with a striking yet simple name that Marie Kondo herself would approve of. The following are just a few of the options you could choose for a dog that fits nicely with your decluttered space.



As succinct and calming as the concept itself, this would be a good name for a gentle-giant dog who serenely parks itself on the sofa next to you for a Netflix session.



An owner who embraces minimalism would appreciate naming their dog after the method that got everyone decluttering.



According to Google Translate, "kondo" means "now" in Japanese. A good name for a dog who reminds you not only to simplify, but also to live in the moment.



Personal Tao defines Yin (as in yin-yang) as the "night" or female aspect that exists in everyone, along with the Yang (day/male) side. You could use this for a female dog who has an air of mystery about her.



This versatile name has a different meaning depending on what language you speak, according to Nameberry; it's the Hawaiian name for "sea," the Japanese word for "forgiveness," Navajo for "willow tree," and Maori for "food." That all-in-one versatility makes it a perfect minimalist name.



Whether you give it this Chinese spelling (in which case, it means "beautiful"), or go with the alternates Mae or May, you have a short-and-sweet name that your dog will be proud to own.



The whole idea behind the KonMari style of simplifying is to keep in your life only the things that "spark joy." A dog companion does that every day.



The verb in Marie Kondo's phrase is also as short and unfussy as her decluttering technique. It would be especially appropriate for a high-energy breed like a Jack Russell Terrier.



The Stay at Home Mommy blog generated a list of best minimalist baby names, many of which would suit a canine companion equally well. Case in point: Dax, a name taken from a town in southwest France. It's short, simple, fits the hard-consonant criterion, and is just darn fun to say.



007 only had to say his monosyllabic last name to make an impression. If your dog has an equally memorable personality, naming it Bond will say it all.



The all-purpose, super-short name is so widely known that it even has its own club. Bob is as uncluttered a name as you can get, and a good one for a dog who makes friends easily. (Who doesn't love a Bob?)



Marie Kondo's newest book, The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up, is a manga graphic novel featuring a Japanese woman named Chiaki who turns to Kondo to help get her life in order. Honor this latest testimonial to simple living by naming your pet after the character who comes to embrace the KonMari method.