12 Moments During The First Trimester That'll Convince You You're Going Crazy

When you’re pregnant, it seems like there are a ton of extra details to manage. What week is it? Can I eat that? Where can I go to throw up? It’s enough to make anyone stressed, let alone someone who’s already dealing with fatigue, nausea, and hormone fluxes. It’s no wonder that there are a number of moments during the first trimester where you’ll feel crazy. I mean, it’s a crazy time in general, so it’s bound to catch up to even the most calm and chill of soon-to-be moms.

When I was pregnant with my son, I accidentally let it slip to my then-boss that I was expecting. I was just short of six weeks along, and still processing the news myself, so it's safe to say that this slip-up was somewhat ill-advised. Thankfully, she was wonderfully supportive and kind (and excellent at keeping secrets), so letting her in on the news turned out to be a very good thing. I had someone in my corner during the work day, and someone rational who could remind me that, yes, there was something huge going on, so my feelings weren't crazy, they were valid.

When I think back on that time and imagine what it would have felt like to not have my then-boss in the know, I’m sure that the following moments would have gotten the best of me. Really and truly, I was just one awkward moment away from totally spiraling into a frenzy of baby-induced confusion and feels. Ah, pregnancy. It's the best, right?

When You’re Certain You Feel Kicks

Science says that first-time moms don’t typically feel their baby kicking until 16-25 weeks into their pregnancy, and women who’ve been pregnant before are unlikely to feel anything before 13 weeks. However, if you’d ask me during my first trimester I'd be quick to tell you something was going on. (It's way more pleasant to assume it’s kicking than to admit it’s probably gas bubbles.)

When You’re Certain You’re Hungry, Only To Eat And Realize You Definitely Weren't Hungry

I didn’t get pregnant until I was 30-years-old. You’d think that by that point in my life I’d be able to recognize my basic human instincts, but nope. It turns out, "hunger" and whatever the technical word is for “definitely do not eat that OMG no," feels surprisingly similar.

When You’re Certain Something’s Wrong

I imagine that there’s a fair amount of worry in the minds of most, if not all, moms. However, in my experience there ain’t no worry like first trimester worry, because first trimester worry don’t stop.

Alright fine, '90s hip-hop references aside, it’s also the time of pregnancy where we have the least amount of information, so of course our minds will wander and occasionally (read: always) assume the worst.

When You Can’t Figure Out What's "Off-Limits"

OK, but what if the brie is cooked into a sauce? Does that make it fair game? Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes.

When You Realize You’ve Eaten, Or Drank, Or Done Something You’re Not Supposed To

Whether it happened before you found out you were pregnant, or after, with the constantly-growing list of restrictions for pregnant women, even the most disciplined of women can make mistakes.

Seriously, watch out for Caesar dressing, with its terrifyingly subtle egg yolks.

When You Can’t Remember What Week You’re On, Or What Size Fruit Your Baby Is

To be fair, I was practically counting the hours during my pregnancy, but sometimes it’s just tough to recall if we’re talking about a lemon or a lime. The differences, in most context, may be subtle, but to a pregnant woman they’re everything.

When You Realize You’ve Got 28 (Or More) More Weeks To Go

Of course, making it through the first trimester is a feat in and of itself, but it sadly doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. It just means you have more weeks of pregnancy ahead, during which you’re less likely to throw up.

I mean, I’ll take the whole not-throwing-up thing, but I’m not jumping for joy or anything (jumping’s not a good idea right now, anyway).

When You Have To Pee, But You Just Went So What's The Deal?

I mean, I’ve heard that pregnant women pee a lot, but this is ridiculous.

When You’re Already Unable To Sleep, And Isn’t That Not Supposed To Happen Until Later?

If I hear any jokes about getting sleep now because I won’t sleep at all when the baby arrives, I will cut someone.

When The Thing That Made You Feel Sick Yesterday Is The Exact Thing You Want To Eat Today

Looking at you, chocolate covered graham crackers. Can we strike up some kind of peaceful agreement?

When Your Favorite Foods Are No Longer Appealing

Since college, I could never imagine a world where coffee wasn’t one of my favorite parts of the morning, until I became pregnant. Thankfully, the world eventually returned to normal and I could enjoy a latte again, but for a while Iw as totally thrown off.

When You’re Certain You’re Going To Slip And Reveal The News

As previously discussed, I did slip a couple times in the first trimester and spill the beans about my pregnancy. Thankfully, however, I only accidentally told people who turned out to be awesome about it.

Still, here’s only so many excuses someone can make about having to run to the bathroom every few minutes, before all signs point to pregnancy.