12 Moments When Pregnancy Proves Who's Truly A Grown-Ass Woman

Confession time: I was excited about having a baby, but not about going through pregnancy. Pregnancy, and its side effects, are hard, guys. That’s no secret. And the idea of someone hanging out in my uterus for 40 weeks, as miraculous and beautiful and blessed as it is, sounded stressful and uncomfortable. Now that I’ve made it through one pregnancy (woot!) I can say that, in my experience, all of the above was true. It was amazing to share my body with my son, but physically, the feelings involved weren't my favorite. Looking back, I realize I probably could have benefitted from more prenatal yoga, or like, meditation or gentle walks in picturesque parks among chirping birds. Still, I made it through, and yes, I can say — just like every other mom I’ve ever talked to — it was totally worth it.

That said, I think it’s worth noting that there are some particular points during a pregnant woman’s journey where she’s likely digging deep to get through pregnancy. Like, really deep. Deeper than a Gringott’s vault. Deeper than Sam Smith lyrics. Deeper than Ryan Gosling’s soulful gaze. Like, deep. And isn’t that one of the prime components of adulthood; doing what needs to be done even when you don’t want to do it? I think it’s worth recognizing and celebrating that in those moments, she is truly a grown-ass woman. Here are the particular moments in pregnancy when it's proven, once and for all, that you're a truly grown-ass woman.

When You Get Out Of Bed (Like, Ever)

Depending on the trimester, and your level of morning sickness, and how many times you got up to pee, getting out of bed is tougher on some days than others. However, it’s safe to assume that most days, it takes some extra motivation and adult reasoning to get those feet to hit the floor. Normal adults get credit for ever getting out bed — pregnant women deserve a damn parade for it.

When You Manage To Bathe

What is it about showers that can be so exhausting? The heat, the steam, the act of scrubbing... I’m tired just thinking about it. And when you're pregnant, simple...reaching everywhere on your body to clean it? Yeah, it's a real chore. Easier to stay dirty. Big grown-ass points if you choose cleanliness.

When You Keep Your Food Down

*slow clap*

When You Make It To Work

...or get your kiddo to school, or do whatever it is you need to do that involves leaving the house. Bonus points if you’re able to do any of this on time (I was not). Pregnancy can add an extra layer (or 12) of complication to the mix, so kudos to anyone who is able to manage it all with flying colors.

When You Reveal Your Pregnancy On Your Terms

Don’t want to post a Facebook announcement? No one can make you. You do things how you want — not how you're expected to.

When You Keep It Together During Confusing Or Scary Moments

I had one ER visit during my pregnancy (thankfully, everything turned out OK) and it was pretty intense. No pregnancy is perfect, and not every moment of panic requires an ER visit, however anyone who is able to stay calm and manage has my respect as the beacons of grown-assness they are.

When You Keep it Together During Painful Or Uncomfortable Side Effects

That ER visit? Yeah, it involved some pretty severe pain. I don’t think anyone signs up for pregnancy expecting a completely cushy, comfortable ride, but still, the side effects can be grueling. But we do what we have to do to keep ourselves and our babies healthy and rolling along.

When You Behave Appropriately At Your Shower

Nothing like a room full of people staring at you to make you say awkward things, right? Or is that just me?

When You Shut Down Any Rude Or Inappropriate Comments

What is it about pregnancy that invites strangers to ignore their filter? OK, maybe they just don't have any filters. Regardless of the cause, when you can gracefully deflect without losing your cool (which would be fair if you did), you are a supremely grown-ass woman.

When You Drag Yourself To The Bathroom In The Middle Of The Night Even Though Just Peeing In The Bed Doesn’t Sound Terrible

Every time you don’t wet the bed, you are one step closer to peak adulthood.

When You Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions (Especially in the Third Trimester)

Not that I’m speaking from experience. They should just sell tape and safety pins with belly bands.

When You Keep It Together During Your 800th Doctor Appointment

Of course, they are important and we are hasthtag blessed to live in a place and time with medical care that’s readily available. Still, peeing in a cup (again) is tedious and sitting in a waiting room (again) is boring. But, you manage to do it because you are a grown-ass woman who's willing to endure the brutal and the boring for the sake of being the single greatest pregnant person of all time.