12 Mother & Daughter Halloween 2018 Costume Ideas That Are Every Bit As Awesome As The Two Of You

Let's be honest: When you're a parent to young children, part (OK all) of the appeal of Halloween is that you get to dress your kiddo up in the costume of your choosing. After all, my daughter Claire was not an elderly woman at 3 months old because she wanted to be one. But the holiday can also mean some costume fun on your end, especially if your kid is down to pair up with you for a costume theme. If that's the case on your end, then check out these mother and daughter Halloween costume ideas.

Because there's no reason why you shouldn't indulge in a little costume fun too, right? Whether you opt for the hilariously cute Starbucks mermaid logo and baby Frappuccino costumes or go old school with Lucy and Ethel getups, there's bound to be something that will suit you and your little gal. And, really, if there's one thing we know for sure it's this: now is the time to take advantage of her wanting to dress like you because, like the seasons of choosing her Halloween costumes, this one too shall pass.

Ready to decide what will work for the two of you? Check 'em out.

1. Starbucks Mermaid Logo & Baby Frappuccino


I mean, how perfect is this? A gorgeous baby dressed as a delectable Frappuccino and the perfect Starbucks logo costume? It's too much.

2. Cookie Monster & A Chocolate Chip Cookie


Nab a sweet Cookie Monster getup (Spirit Halloween, $30) for your little one and pair it with an adult-sized chocolate chip cookie costume (Party City, $25), and you'll be quite the cute (and delicious) couple.

3. Lucy & Ethel


I mean, is there a more iconic gal pal duo? Snag a Lucy costume (Target, $27) and pair it with your version of an Ethel outfit (think simple black dress with a collar and a white apron). Or reverse it and have your little one go as Lucy (Claire was indeed a Lucy last year) and you dress up as Ethel. Of course, you could both just wear the pink uniforms made famous in the candy factory episode and stuff your mouths full of chocolate (which, if we're being honest, really sounds like the best option).

4. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Carly Cristman on YouTube

The pumpkin costume (Target, $20) is kind of a classic choice for little ones, but how about putting a fun spin on it with this DIY latte costume? In this version, the babe goes as a pumpkin and you go as a latte and, well, you get the drift (hello, PSL). Check out this cute mama and baby duo for inspiration.

5. Morticia & Wednesday Addams


I dressed up as Morticia Addams in high school (my already dark hair made it an easy choice) and, man, do I wish still had the costume to pair up Claire for this mother-daughter duo. Pick up a Morticia costume for you (Party City, $45) and proper Wednesday attire for your best gal (Party City, $20), and the two of you will be set.

6. Alice In Wonderland & The White Rabbit

Jennifer Bachdim on YouTube

Don't be late to discover this costume duo! Choose an Alice costume for you (Spirit Halloween, $45) or your child (Spirit Halloween, $30), and then the other person can be the White Rabbit. You'll find various adult and children choices at HalloweenCostumes.com, or you can try this creative DIY option.

7. Elsa & Anna

kristenanniebell on Instagram

Take a cue from Kristen Bell and opt for a Elsa and Anna mother-daughter costume (or in her case, Elsa and Elsa costumes) this Halloween. There are plenty of adult Elsa costumes (Party City, $60), as well as Anna options (Party City, $60) that can be paired with whichever character your daughter chooses. Find Elsa and Anna kids costumes at Target (prices range from $25 to $100).

8. Helen & Violet Incredible


Unleash your mommy-daughter super powers by dressing up as the female pair from the hit Disney-Pixar film, The Incredibles. Score an adult Elastigirl (Helen) costume (Party City, $40) and girls Violet costume (Party City, $35), and the two of you will have all the superhuman energy you need to snag ample amounts of Halloween candy.

9. Little Bo Peep & One Of Her Sheep


Chances are likely you're familiar with this popular nursery rhyme, so why not turn it into an adorable mother-daughter getup? Score your Little Bo Peep costume (MicCostumes.com, $95) and pair it with this lamb toddler costume (Walmart, $35), and the two of you will be the sweet bunch in the (Halloween) flock.

10. Cruella de Vil & A Dalmatian


"The world was such a wholesome place until ..." you and your little gal teamed up to be Cruella de Vil and one of the sweet dalmatian puppies she wants to turn into a fur coat. Grab your black-and-white getup (Party City, $90) and your little one's spotted pooch costume (Party City, $25) to create an adorable Halloween moment.

11. A Pirate & Her Parrot


I mean, who doesn't love a good "shiver me timbers," am I right? Score a women's pirate costume (Oriental Trading, $108) and a kids' parrot costume (Kohl's, $25), and you'll both be shouting "ahoy!" as you trick-or-treat.

12. Milk & Cookies


Remember the chocolate chip cookie costume (Party City, $25) from the Cookie Monster costume idea? Yeah, it can serve double time with this fun mother-daughter collaboration. Have your little one don the cookie costume and you go as a carton of milk (Target, $30) and voila! You will be milk and cookie perfection.