12 Preemie Halloween 2018 Costumes That Are Sweeter Than Any Treat


The first year's worth of holidays are one of the most exciting times for parents of new babies. You get to show off your new arrival at all the family gatherings, dress them in special outfits, and document every moment of each occasion with photos that you'll post to social media moments after you take them. But if you're one of the millions of parents whose babies are born well before their due date, you may wonder if you can even celebrate Halloween with a premature baby.

Approximately 1 in 10 babies is born prematurely (before 37 weeks), according to the March of Dimes. Though some preemies are healthy enough to go home not long after birth, others have health problems such as heart, lung, or intestinal issues that require them to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). There, they receive the professional care and attention they need to overcome their medical challenges and leave the hospital.

Regrettably, going out trick-or-treating on Halloween is something most preemies have to miss out on. Even premature infants who are well enough to go home aren't able to join the candy collectors. BabyCenter explained that doctors often advise parents of preemies to avoid exposing their babies to crowds for the first three months after coming home, since their small bodies are particularly susceptible to germs and infections. For the same reason, it's not advisable to bring a premature baby to a Halloween party, where they may be overstimulated by the sights and sounds, and where too many well-meaning people may want a turn at cuddling the little one.

But that doesn't mean that parents of preemies can't enjoy the fun of dressing their child up at Halloween. Many hospitals even get into the spirit of the holiday and create costumes for premature babies. It provides a welcome moment of relief for parents worried over their child's health, and gives them a chance to photograph and share their baby's first Halloween outfit.

More and more stores and clothing designers now make costumes and accessories for the tiniest pumpkins, too. They're so adorable, you'll be tempted to keep your baby in them long after October 31 has passed. Take a look at these perfect preemie buys.

1Banana Onesie

Jacqui's Unisex Baby Going Bananas Preemie Bunting Gown Set



This ap-peel-ing onesie is as sweet and soft as the actual fruit. Made for preemies up to 6 pounds, it opens in the front for easy dressing.

2Doctor Costume

Itty Bitty Baby Small Newborn Costume Bodysuit


Preemie Store

If you've always wanted a doctor in the family, there's no better place to start than this professional-looking bodysuit.

3Goblin Suit

Preemie Yums Preemie Goblins Long Johns


Preemie Store

A perfectly boo-tiful shirt-and-pants set will tell the world that your little goblin is ready for fright night.

4Little Clown

Preemie & Newborn Baby Clown Halloween Costume


Cradle to Kindergarten

They say that Halloween clowns are scary, but this one is definitely the exception. Perfect for small preemies (the smallest size fits babies 3-5 pounds), this festive outfit will be the hit of the holiday.

5Personalized Football

Cradle to Kindergarten Personalized Football Bunting and Cap Set


Cradle to Kindergarten

Ready for baby's first tailgating party! This bunting doubles as a sleep sack for tired trick-or-treaters, and for an additional $5, you can personalize it with your child's name.

6Little Giraffe

Unisex Baby Giraffe Clothing Halloween Costume


Jacqui's Preemie Pride

Too sweet for words, this four-piece set is also super-practical. It's designed to go on and off easily without pulling over baby's head — an important consideration for hospitalized premature babies who may be attached to oxygen and feeding tubes. The small company that makes these outfits is run by a couple whose (now-grown) daughter was born prematurely and had to stay in the hospital for nearly two months.

7Candy Corn

Unisex Baby Candy Corn Halloween Clothing Set


Jacqui's Preemie Pride

Sweet in every sense of the word, this darling ensemble is sized for babies 0-3 pounds, also known as "micropreemies."

8Little Mermaid

Preemie Mermaid Halloween Costume



It can be tough to find just the right Halloween costume in stores when you're shopping for a premature baby, but Etsy has a wealth of stylish selections especially made for wee ones. This hand-crocheted mermaid suit is ideal for your little Ariel.

9Fab Ensemble

Baby Girl Halloween Outfit - Fa-BOO-Lous



Another Etsy shop offers this oh-so-cute outfit (oh, those legwarmers!), available in a preemie size for a perfect fit.

10Pumpkin Spice Onesie

Mommy's Pumpkin Spice Latte Bodysuit


Preemie Store

It doesn't get any more appropriate for a coffee-loving mom. This little onesie will make both you and your newborn feel all warm inside.

11Mini Pumpkin

Unisex Baby Pumpkin Bunting Gown & Hat Set


Jacqui's Preemie Pride

With this holiday-appropriate front-opening one-piece wrap, your baby will easily be the pick of the pumpkin patch.

12Basketball Baby

Crocheted Basketball Outfit



Available in any color combo, this headband, wristbands & shorts combo is handmade from a soft, acrylic yarn that won't feel scratchy on your little one's delicate skin.