Pregnant woman sleeping in bed and touching her belly.

These 12 Sex Toys Are Perfect For That Unpredictable Pregnancy Libido

Pregnancy can have a powerful affect on your sexuality. You might find that your libido lifts up or falls down, thanks to those havoc-wreaking hormones. And that’s when sex toys for pregnant women can help you achieve an orgasm on your terms.

“Solo sex might be a very good option for many pregnant women, especially those whose partners have withdrawn or are absent,” Carol Queen, Ph.D., a sexologist, tells Romper. (Sexology is the scientific study of human sexuality, including sexual development, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more.)

“It’s even good for women who want to re-learn their body's sexual responses in light of the hormonal changes of pregnancy," adds Queen, who also has a Ph.D. in sociology. And sex toys can give you lots of options for pleasure when playing solo. You can use these toys alone, or even as means of foreplay when you and your partner are feeling frisky together.

For the most part, you should be able to enjoy sex toys during your pregnancy with no problem. Dr. Leah Torres, M.D., an OB/GYN who specializes in reproductive health in Salt Lake City, UT, previously told Romper that “using a vibrator while pregnant is completely safe as long as you don’t have any pregnancy complications.” She suggested checking with your provider who can tell you which ones are safe and which might be problematic. “This will basically help pregnant people and their partners decide what they can do sexually,” says Queen. “And it very much affects what sex toy you would choose, because sex toys (vibes in particular) tend to make orgasm easier.” Ask your OB which ones you can — and can’t — use to always be on the safe side.

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to keep your toys neat and clean. “Choose silicone toys, which are extremely easy to clean,” advises Queen. “If vaginal insertion is okay, cover the toy with a condom.” And above all, listen to your body. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.


The Magic Wand

Wand vibrators are an obvious choice during pregnancy, since the longer handle can make it easier for the vibrating head to reach the clitoris. (Even during late pregnancy, when you’re wielding a big ol’ belly.) Obvs, a wand isn’t meant for insertion, but for external stimulation. It can last for three hours on a single charge, not like you would need it for that long.


Sona 2 Cruise Clitoral Stimulator

Although it kind of resembles a baby boogie sucker, the Sona Cruise does a totally different kind of sucking. (Ha.) The clitoral stimulator is ideal when your OB warned against vibration, but have given the green-light for orgasm. It creates a suction-like sensation that fans of oral sex might especially like.


Iroha Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

The Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator from the Japanese company Tenga offers pleasure that fits in the palm of your hand—literally. The Yuki is a pint-sized stimulator that’s good for clitoral stimulation and gentle insertion that isn’t too deep. It’s made from a body-safe silicone that’s soft and squishy.


Moxie by We-Vibe

If you’re looking to get off on the go, then the Moxie was made for you. The mini vibrator can be held in place inside your undies and won’t pop out of your panties with its slip-proof magnet. You can adjust the intensity (the vibrator offers 10 modes or you can create your own) via a remote control or the We-Connect app.


Abby G Battery Hybrid Vibrator

When you want a traditional vibrator, the Abby G is a good option. It offers a rippled shaft for some serious stimulation, and its angled head is sure to hit your g-spot. It has four levels of intensity to ensure that you orgasm.


Gigi 2 Rechargeable Vibrator

The Gigi2 has a flatter-than-usual shaped head that makes it good for clitoral as well as vaginal play. It’s made with super soft silicone, and has eight vibration modes to suit your fancy. And unlike some other vibrators, the Gigi2 is waterproof, which means you can have fun in (and out) of the shower.


Liberator Wedge

This positioning pillow might be used for easier penetration, but for pregnant women, you can use it to support your back, too. It can be used during sex with your sweetie, or even during masturbation to help soothe any backaches that you might be feeling.


Liberator Fascinator Throes

The Fascinator Throes from Liberator isn't so much a sex toy as a way to clean up any (ahem) excretions after sex. It ensures that your bedsheets will stay stain-free, which just might add to the excitement.


Sparkle G Glitz

Are you a virgin when it comes to vibrators? The Sparkle G Glitz is meant for newbies who are looking to explore their sexuality safely. This small vibe allows for shallow insertion or tickling your g-spot. It offers all the good stuff when it comes to vibrators (such as a rippled base and curved design). And guys, pink — and sparkly.


We-Vibe Bloom

As your doctor or midwife probably told you, kegels are essential while you're pregnant. So why not start now with the We-Vibe Bloom? The rumbling vibrations help stimulate your vaginal muscles for strong kegel exercises — and out of this world orgasms, too.


Lovers Wonder Wand

The Wonder Wand truly is a wonder. You can use it as a back massager, since its powerful vibrations combined with the wide head knead your muscles so you can relax. And once you’re more chill, you can always massage your erogenous areas and for a completely fulfilling experience.


Carol Queen, Ph.D., sexologist

Dr. Leah Torres, M.D., OB-GYN