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Turn Your Halloween Upside Down With These 12 'Stranger Things' Costumes

It's been a hot minute since Stranger Things season three dropped in July, but true fans are still riding the wave of nostalgia from the show in preparation for Halloween. While you can easily gather the items needed to dress like one of the show's iconic characters from your own closet or at a local thrift shop thanks to the throwback vibes the characters perfectly embody, many party supply stores and costumers have made it easy to purchase a complete costume from the show for Halloween. These 12 Stranger Things costumes are perfect for wearing to celebrate a holiday that's almost as creepy as the show itself.

Group costume ideas abound: Team up with family members or friends to dress as the Scoops Ahoy crew, or simply don the getups of the characters each of you most identifies with. If you get stuck arguing over who will get to dress up as Eleven (because, let's be real, she's the actual best character), you can always select different momentous looks from the show's three seasons and all be the same character, just sporting different looks. (So yeah, lots of Elevens.) Read on for all the Stranger Things Halloween costume inspiration you could ever need.


Scoops Ahoy

If you've already completed your Stranger Things Season 3 marathon, you are well aware that you're likely to encounter a bevy of Scoops Ahoy worker look-a-likes this Halloween season, because who doesn't want to wear that white hat just like Robin? Join in on the fun by donning this cool, retro look that will have you feeling all of the nostalgic feels.



Although this may be on the scarier side of things if you have small kids, this Demogorgon costume is exactly what every Stranger Things super fan needs to celebrate a holiday that is as spooky as the show's signature monster.


Mall Eleven

Eleven's outfit at the mall is peak '80s and if you want to dress your own child up in that iconic romper, Party City has just the costume for you. Also available in adult sizes, you and your little one can be Stranger Things mall rat BFFs for Halloween.


Eleven's Pink Dress

If OG Eleven is more your style, has you covered with a replica costume featuring Eleven's pink dress from season 1 that you just can't get out of your head. A blonde wig and long, green and yellow striped socks are also available to complete the look.


Camp Know Where

The play on words is absolutely not lost on this Camp Know Where t-shirt that you can sport on Halloween this year if you want to look just like Dustin from Stranger Things. Also available from Spirit Halloween are a mullet and cap to make sure you look completely the part.


Joyce Smock Shirt

As if you haven't already dressed like a Winona Ryder character for Halloween at least once in your life, you can now hop on board the Stranger Things bandwagon and dress like her character Joyce this year. The best part — this particular costume piece is currently on sale.


Dustin Roast Beef

If you are looking for the best of the best Dustin costumes, look no further than this Party City costume complete with denim-style '80s vest, neon orange tee, and striped tube socks. Throw on a pair of Converse and some cargo shorts and call it a day. A very nostalgic day.


Eleven Battle Outfit

Eleven's battle outfit from season 3 of Stranger Things is so cool, it's scary. This makes it the perfect choice for a Halloween costume.


Erica Costume

Is there anything a fan of Stranger Things could love more than dressing their kid up like Erica Sinclair? Picking up this costume from Party City is a no-brainer for fans of the show who are dressing their families up like the Hawkins' crew this year.


Punk Eleven

Yet another Eleven look is available from Party City, although this one is decidedly more edgy. The Season 2 look is totally rad and will go great with some goth-style makeup on Halloween.


Date Night Jim Hopper

There is almost nothing more '80s that a guy can wear than a Hawaiian-style shirt, unless of course it is a Jim Hopper Hawaiian-style shirt... on date night. This Stranger Things look from is a total Halloween win.


Hawkins PD Jim Hopper

If you feel the need to channel Jim Hopper as Chief of Police in Hawkins this Halloween, you can do so in this quintessential costume from, complete with that amazing '80's style patrol hat.