Calling All 'Stranger Things' Fans: Scoops Ahoy Halloween Costumes Are Here

by Lindsay E. Mack

Halloween might seem far away, but if you're a Stranger Things fan, the holiday can't come fast enough: Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy costumes are available now in both children's and adult's sizes, so your entire family can dress up as the ice cream-slinging squad this year. These costumes are totally current and totally '80s all at the same time, making them the perfect choice.

Ever since the third season of Stranger Things debuted on July 4, 2019, fans have become a little bit obsessed with Steve Harrington and newcomer Robin's wardrobe. The sailor-inspired uniforms they wear to work a summer job at Scoops Ahoy in the new Starcourt Mall are everything. In fact, they just might become this year's hottest costume, the way Eleven and her tube socks have dominated the past couple of years. Hey, if there's one thing Stranger Things can do, it's serve up a look that's instantly iconic.

Like most everything else in the franchise, the Scoops Ahoy costumes were designed with an obsessive level of attention to detail. Stranger Things costume designer Amy Parris and show creators the Duffer Brothers crafted this look with care. "They knew they wanted the outfit to be goofy-looking, but something that was appealing to look at it the whole season," Parris told E! News. "So it's a good mix of like, sexy and embarrassing." And to their credit, both Robin and Steve wear these costumes for the entire season, even during some pretty intense and life-threatening adventures. But somehow, the whole getup just works.

That mix of goofy and cool makes a note-perfect Halloween costume for just about anyone. I have a feeling there will be tons of Scoops Troop group costumes this year, because it's pretty much the best costume of 2019.

Did you fall in love with Robin this season (along with basically every other viewer)? Then use her sweet Scoops uniform as costume inspiration. It has everything: the high-waisted shorts, striped shirt, and vest with name tag. The silly hat is, of course, the most crucial part. Carry a dry-erase board around with you all night to mimic her You Rule/You Suck board from the series.

Leave it to Steve Harrington to make this silly getup look a little bit cool. It's the same sailor-inspired look that's so intensely '80s. Add in a voluminous wig if you need to crank up the whole hair factor a bit, because his locks are his best feature (well, according to Steve himself).

If your kid is also a fan of Stranger Things, then this kid-sized Scoops Ahoy costume is perfection. It even has a little name tag for Robin, which is a sweet touch.

Basically, Stranger Things season three is group costume goals. A whole family that dresses up as the Scoops Troop is my Halloween 2019 dream. Or to go all out, get a couple of friends to dress as a Mind Flayer or some Russian spies and you're all set for the best Halloween group costume ever. The Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy Halloween costumes for both adults and kids are dorky, cool perfection.