12 Things People Who Would Definitely Be In House Targaryen Know Better Than Anyone

Of all of the many different houses on Game of Thrones, House Targaryen has always held a special place in my heart. Not just because Daenerys is beautiful and fierce as hell while also being inherently good (a combo hard to come by in the Seven Kingdoms), but also because she alone has made the name mean something more than a psychopath prince of a brother and long-dead mad king of a father.

True, Dany was/is a Dothraki Khaleesi too, and for a time, reigned over Meereen, but she is the only true Targaryen we know. (Well, to the best of our knowledge, barring any huge fan theories being true.) But another reason to keep a close eye on House Targaryen is because, much like other important Game of Thrones houses, its origins go back farther than we as readers or even as viewers get to witness. And for those of us who would totally be in House Targaryen, if only Westeros was the real deal (sigh), we know the important role The Targaryens have in the claim of the iron throne. As in, it belongs to them (namely Dany, so back off Cersei).

People who would be in House Targaryen also know the truth behind Raegar Targaryen's Tower of Joy and Lyanna Stark being held there for several years. Again, parts of this involve the fan theory of Jon Snow being the child of Lyanna and Raegar and not, in fact, Ned Stark's bastard, and has all but been confirmed by Geore R. R. Martin.

I won't deny the attraction of all of the different houses on Game of Thrones, since they all have a certain kind of power to them, but people who would be in House Targaryen are pretty important and know a hell of a lot more than dragon lore.


How To Train A Dragon

That's right, I said it. Targaryens are all about that dragon life, and even though Dany is the first in a long-ass time to actually be mother to any, Targaryens are the only house in the Seven Kingdoms who know anything really about the fire-breathing "pets."


Whether Or Not R+L=J Is True

People who would be in House Targaryen would definitely know if there is any solid evidence for this particularly hot theory, making Jon Snow a Targaryen by birth, but with all of the evidence piling up, I think it's safe to say that at the very least, we'll have some answers this season.


How To Care For White Blond Hair

The Targaryens are well known for their many generations of fair hair, and while we've only seen Dany and her brother so far, we can agree that the hair seems to suit them too well, being a nice change from the golden blonde of the Lannisters and the darkness of House Stark.


The Reality Of Insanity

Those who would be in House Targaryen know all about the seriousness of insanity and never-ending mind games because they know all about the mad king as his reign of terror over Westeros. Because of his madness, he was a reckless king, going so far as to kill Ned Stark's father and brother during his reign, much unlike the merciless but firm leader we see in Dany.


Whether Or Not Tyrion Is A Targaryen Too

I know, I know, everybody just wants to be a Targaryen. But this is yet another in-depth theory that challenges the legitimacy of a characters, in this case Tyrion Lannister, and whether or not he was Tywin's true son. Which, if it is true, would explain some of the total hatred the man felt for him his whole life.


That's It's Pretty Nice Up There (You Know, Above Everyone Else)

Targaryens are a house known for their feeling of being godly above all other houses, and generally transcending man. This could be partly due to the fact that they are the only house around who have dragons and also a real claim to the iron throne, which is we're being real, are pretty legit reasons to feel superior.


What It's Like To Be Blacklisted

Because of the Mad King's reign and eventual demise by Robert Baratheon, the Targaryen children fled Westeros long ago, with many hoping they'd never return. As it stands, the fact that Daenerys is slowly making her way to King's Landing (finally, OMG), is a surprise to royalty like Cersei and less than royalty like Little Finger, who, seasons ago, would have never suspected such a return.


How To Train A Dothraki

Aka, Khal Drogo. Or, you know, Dany's Dothraki king husband who started out treating her like another slave, but whom she lovingly coaxed into treating her as his equal, which totally freaking worked. If being in House Targaryen means having powers like that, then yeah, sign me up please.


The Importance Of Loyalty

Between Daenerys rounding up the Unsullied and having people like Ser Barristan and Tyrion by her side, she knows the value in surrounding herself with the sorts of advisers that have been true loyalty to her.


What A "Crown For A King" Really Looks Like

Spoiler alert: It looks like molten gold poured over the head of a very much alive Viserys, who could just not STFU when it came to making demands of Khal Drogo. Like, really, bro?


How To Wear Anything And Make It Look Good

It seems like whatever city Dany and her army travel to, she quickly picks up on their customs and clothing and adapts crazy quickly. When she was the Khaleesi, she rocked the boots, halters, and cargo pants look (that's a lot of look, Dany), and then when she traveled to Bravos, she was easily dressed in the Greek goddess dresses of their city too. So basically, if you belong in House Targaryen, you can make a brown paper sack look good.


That Friends Can Be Overrated

Advisers are one thing, since you need them to serve as your counsel, but as far as actual friends go, Targaryens know that friendships can be fleeting. Like when Daenerys found her baby dragons were missing while in Bravos, and found out that her right-hand girl and current BFF Doreah had actually helped in allowing them to be taken. Targaryens know this, if nothing else: Trust no handmaiden.