19 Things Only Someone Who Would Be In House Stark Would Know

Is there a more loved family in all of Game of Thrones than House Stark? They're like the Gryffindors of Westeros. You can't really blame the masses for their adoration though, right? Even if the Starks are not your favorite, even if you're an evil shrew like me (#HouseLannister #AlsoHouseTyrell), you can't help but be charmed by the likes of the honorable Ned Stark, Robb Stark, and Jon Snow. Then, of course, you've got Arya, the baddest of all badasses, and Sansa, perhaps the most underrated genius of the entire series. Of course, flip side, you've got Bran. Admittedly, Bran Stark is boring lately, but at least he's got cool-ass voodoo-like powers. Even the boring Starks are magical, people.

Largely isolated from the petty political squabbling of the rest of the country in their northern fortress of Winterfell, the Starks have ruled the North for thousands of years. Their no-nonsense honesty and fair-mindedness has earned them the loyalty and respect of their people and of the other great houses of the realm. If you're a member of House Stark (in your hearts... at least until we can create the technology to make Westeros a real place so we can all live there), you know some Big Important Truths that others don't.

Starks Are Loyal

Starks stick by their peeps, be they Robert Baratheon, Samwell Tarly, or, in the case of Catelyn, Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. That last one doesn't work out so well, but let's go ahead and blame that on her being a Tully.

Hospitality Trumps All

In the North, the concept of "Guest Right," which states you can under no circumstances harm anyone you have invited into your home, under any circumstances, is sacrosanct... do you hear that, Walder Frey, you a**hole?! Sacrosanct!

Sometimes People Take Advantage Of A Stark's Honest Nature

Oh poor, trusting Ned...

There Are Issues Bigger Than Petty Politics Out There That Need Attention

The Starks are the biggest supporters in Westeros of the Night's Watch, the men who dedicate their lives (and swords) to guarding the rest of Westeros from the dangers that lie beyond its borders, including White Walkers and wights (aka, snow zombies). Most of the Seven Kingdoms dismiss the Night's Watch as largely unnecessary, but a fine place to exile rapists, thieves, and murders to get them out of everyone else's hair. The Starks know that the Wall (built by Bran the Builder, a long-dead Stark king) is all that keeps the realm from certain doom.

A Stark Can Walk The Walk

The Starks don't have an executioner. If Ned Stark sentences you to die, he himself will take on the responsibility of killing you. Like a BOSS.

A Stark Can Keep A Secret

Ned has never told anyone who Jon Snow's mother is. Sansa and Arya have hidden their identities for years now. Jon succesfully infiltrated a band of Wildlings. If they weren't so damn noble, one could accuse them of being shady...

Fighting Like A Girl Is A Good Thing

For real, Arya represents our life goals.

Surly Is Sexy

He knows nothing, and I think many of us would like to teach him a thing or two...

R + L = J

Look it up, y'all, because there's just no way it's not true.

Everyone Should Have A Direwolf As A Pet

Awwwww! Wook at de widdle puppy! A direwolf (which also happens to be the sigil of House Stark) is smart, fluffy, loyal, the size of a pony, and can rip your throat out in about four seconds.

"You Call This Snow?"

Up in Winterfell, the seat of House Stark, it snows in the summer. In Westeros, a winter can literally last a generation and snows have been said to have been 100 feet deep. So know that if you're a big tough New Englander complaining about three feet of snow, the Starks would think you're a wimp.

Accepting A Wedding Invitation Is Always A Bad Idea

Just don't go. Order something off their registry and have it sent to them if you must, but do. not. attend. a. wedding. You're either going to be murdered or falsely accused of murder. Stay home. Binge watch something on Netflix.

The North Remembers

So prepare yourselves, bitches.

Beware That One Friend Who's Always Hanging Out With Your Oldest Brother

Because he is definitely plotting something.

(Sidebar: I could write a long-form essay in defense of Theon Greyjoy, who I think is an awesome character. Come at me, bro.)

The Starks Are Old School

Unlike most of the people of Westeros, who are descended from the Andals who conquered the Seven Kingdoms thousands of years ago, the Starks are descended entirely from the First Men, the first human inhabitants of the land. As such they worship the Old Gods (as opposed to The Seven, introduced by the Andals) and have a much more traditional way of life.

Don't Write Off Pretty People As Dumb

Because Sansa Stark is smart as hell and she will come out on top because I am rooting for her so damn hard.


Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor. Hodor! Hodor Hodor Hodor. Hodor hodor.

We Will Never Get Over Ned

Like, seriously ever. I read the book at my husband's suggestion, so he knew what was going on. When I finally admitted to myself that it was true and that we had lost Lord Eddard I sobbed like someone I actually knew had died and demanded, "Why didn't you tell me?! Why would you let me go through this?!" My husband just giggled like the monster he is.

Winter Is Coming

Not only are these the words of House Stark, but it's just #truefact. Winter Is Coming. It always does.