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Show How Much You Care This Nanny Recognition Week With These 12 Gifts

This year, National Nanny Recognition Week spans from September 22-28, 2019. Yes, nannies get a whole week of special appreciation which is only fair as their main job is to, you know, keep your children alive, fed, clothed, and entertained. Gifts for nannies are appreciated any time of year (I know this because I worked as a nanny for five years) but thoughtful gifts for nannies during Nanny Recognition Week are especially appreciated.

Being one of the caretakers to three lovable, rambunctious kids was one of my favorite jobs; it’s fun to get paid to go swimming, read books, make collages, and play hide-and-seek; not to brag, but I was especially good at hiding in extremely obscure places and taking a few blissful minutes to be completely alone. It’s a silly and joyful job, but it can also be hard and thankless at times (I feel like I deserve some sort of medal for all the times I wrangled the kids into school uniforms, itchy tights included).

I was so grateful when the family I worked for would give me an unexpected (paid) day off, or add a little extra money onto my paycheck. It can be nice, too, to get a tangible present; one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received was from the parents of my charges, and it's included below, obvi. These 12 useful gifts will bring a smile to your nanny’s face this Nanny Recognition Week — just remember to add a homemade card because there’s nothing cuter than a child’s rendering of their beloved babysitter even when the nanny is depicted (ahem, speaking from personal experience here) with a unibrow and arms that look like brooms.


A Personalized Ring

I could never wear earrings as a nanny to a baby because he was constantly pulling at them, so I opted for stacked rings instead. This name ring combines the signet trend with the timeless monogram. You can get it engraved on the reverse side with a sweet note from your kiddos too.


Neroli And Rose Face Mist

This face is made using Moroccan neroli flower blended with Turkish rose. It smells just like a rose garden in bloom; I love it so much I even spray my pillow with it before bed. One spritz will make your nanny feel momentarily transported to a spa.


A Cute And Practical Backpack

A nanny needs their hands-free pretty much all the time. A lightweight backpack in an unexpected color is the perfect gift, especially for a city nanny who is constantly walking around with the kids. This one folds up into the front pocket for easy storing. Genius!


A Fitbit

Nannies walk and run and jump and skip a lot. What better way to keep track of all that activity than to count steps with a pedometer? They'll feel so accomplished looking at all the miles they racked up during the day they may just decide to skip the gym, or maybe that's just the excuse I use.


Airbnb Gift Card

If you want to be the best person ever, you could give your nanny a few days off and a gift card to Airbnb. These cards can be bought on Amazon (and they're available on Prime!) They'll come back relaxed and recharged.


A Splurge-worthy Skin Treatment

If your nanny likes things that smell amazing, this indulgent little gift will send her over the moon: Containing Oud with French Violet leaf to refine pores and make skin softer and fresher, this skin treatment doubles as a (particularly intoxicating) perfume). She'll hold on to this bottle forever.


A Candle Or Three

Sometimes you just need to go home, pour a glass of wine, and light a candle... or three. I'm all about Boy Smells candles; the packaging is chic (and pink!), and it's fun to repurpose the jars after the wax burns down. Plus the smells are unique and sophisticated without being cloying.


A Paycheck Bonus

I think the Wu-Tang Clan spoke for many of us when they sang, "Cash rules everything around me." Seriously, cash is king, and your nanny will be psyched to use the extra money to buy something they've had their eye on. When in doubt, this gift is the move.


A Face Mask Set

These minis include the five bestselling masks plus a highlighting moisturizer. Perfect for relaxing after a long day, the masks smell good and make skin look amazing. The "Clear" mask is incredible (and also makes you look like an ancient stone sculpture, which is fun for selfies).


A Carry On Suitcase

This is the gift that I got from the family that I nannied for (they gave it to me as a thank you before going on "vacation" with the kids). Let me just say, it's so useful and so cute, and I use it every single time I travel. The Away Carry-On comes with a built-in phone charger which is a total airport gamechanger, plus the bright colors are easy to spot on the baggage carousel.


A Protective Phone Case

Say what you want about screen time, your nanny's phone is bound to end up in your child's hands at some point. You might as well give their phone a little added protection with this soft leather phone case. It has holders for cards and cash for those days where their bag is already jammed full of snacks, water bottles, diapers, hand sanitizer, and gymnastic outfits.


A Memory Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a fun way to preserve memories, and your kids and your nanny may enjoy working on this together. Since real pictures are pretty rare these days, you could add an Instax Mini camera, or include a gift certificate to a place that prints out Instagram photos. Scrapbooking supplies like markers and stickers are always a welcomed addition.