Best Subscription Boxes For Kids' Clothes, From $ To $$$

Every year it seems that the task of buying presents for the nieces, nephews, and even my own kids gets more difficult. Kids just seem to have everything already, don't they? That's why we've rounded up the best subscription boxes for kids clothes, because you can give a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, and give them something you need to buy them anyway — clothes. This way, you can just make one purchase, and have someone else do the hard work of shopping for you for months to come.

Subscription boxes for clothes are relatively new, but they're growing in popularity. In fact, just in the last few months, both BabyGap and Old Navy have launched their own subscription boxes to join the ranks of more independent offerings already on the market. Most subscription boxes for kids clothes work in the same fashion: Input a little info about your kid and their style (or your style for them, as the case may be) and receive a curated box each month. Keep what you love and return what you don't, only getting charged for what you keep. It certainly does make shopping for kids' clothes easier, and you're likely to get a few pieces that you never would have found or chosen on your own. Sounds like a win, win for everyone.

Mac And Mia

Mac and Mia offers an assortment of fashionable pieces that clock in about $35. There is also a $20 styling fee with each box, but that is applied to the cost of your items if you buy more than two pieces from the box. Additionally, if you buy the whole box (about six to nine items), you get 15 percent off.

Lil' Fashion Box

Lil' Fashion Box offers a single outfit each month, and you can choose how many months you want to commit to in the beginning, or go for a month to month contract. They also offer specific styles, like holiday or sports outfits, that can be included to your box.


KidBox allows you to keep an entire box of stylish pieces (about 5) for $98. KidBox also provides an item of clothing to a child in need with every box sold. KidBox sends out five boxes each year, curating them seasonally with different styles.

Rockets Of Awesome

Rockets of Awesome does something a little different with their subscription boxes — they allow you to review and approve the items before they send them to you, rather than having a surprise arrive at your doorstep. There's also a discount if you buy the whole box of eight pieces for $150.

Bana Bean

Bana Bean solely focuses on hair accessories for girls age 0-9. If your little one wears bows and hair bands, Bana Bean is a great option to help them keep their accessory collection current throughout the year.


FabKids, run by comfy adult clothing brand Fabletics, is a monthly subscription service that you'll pay $30 for each month. Like their parent brand they offer comfortable, casual looks, and even have the option to skip months if a box a month is too much of a commitment for you.


KidPik offers a subscription box for girls that includes two to three full outfits, rather than individual pieces, for an average of $89 each month if you keep all the pieces. You can choose from girly, classic, trendy or active.

Baby Gap Outfit Box

All Baby Gap items are sent in a sweet box curated to classic, fun or surprise categories. You'll get six pieces for $70 (if you bought each item individually would ring up to over $100). Boxes are sent every three months.

Old Navy SuperBox

The Old Navy superbox is similar to the Baby Gap box, providing items every three months for $70, but this one is only for kids rather than babies. You'll choose between the categories preppy, cool, sporty or surprise.


Yet another take on a subscription box, Runchkins provides items you can sell back once your kid outgrows them. There's no styling fee and you can approve what your stylist picks before it ships.

Collective Child

Collective Child's subscription box includes up to 10 items (for an average total of about $450) with pieces that are a little more high end and special. There's no fee and free return shipping, and the membership fee is determined by how much you purchase from your box. If you buy over $100, there is no fee.

Storx Baby

For newborn to two-year-olds, the Storx Baby box provides boutique clothing and accessories monthly for about $38 per month.

Fitted Tot

With brands like Tea Collection and Le Top, Fitted Tot provides five to eight items from brands you know in a curated fashion each month. It also involves free shipping both ways and a $20 styling fee that's applied to the items you buy.

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