These Disney+ Memes Will Make You Feel *Seen*

The day you, me, and the rest of humanity have been not-so-patiently waiting for is finally here. The Disney+ streaming service is officially online, and in this golden age of online community sharing, that means funny Disney Plus memes are going viral.

From Ariel to Zenon, you can now find all of your favorite Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel characters in one place when you subscribe to Disney+. Mega fans are celebrating by capturing their excitement over this new service in meme form and some are downright hilarious. Playing off of a love for the family-friendly movies and TV shows that has shaped entire generations, these funny Disney+ memes are sure to be shared many times over.

As much as my millennial self hates to admit this, I won't be spending my day marathon-watching old episodes of Lizzie McGuire. I'm holding out for another month and a half so that I can surprise my kids on Christmas morning with the coveted subscription to Disney+ that they've been begging for. They have no idea that despite the fact that I keep saying no when they ask about a subscription, I'm secretly holding back tears as I scroll through the funny Disney+ memes while everyone I know is enjoying re-living their youth and getting a first look at all of the fabulous new content.

Whether you're already streaming Disney+, or like me, are having to wait just a bit longer, these funny Disney+ memes are sure to delight and amuse any Disney fan.


It's A Millennial Thing

As I said, many millennials (myself included) are soaking up every moment of the Disney+ launch as it catapults so many of us back to yesteryear and allows us to re-live some of the best days of our lives. There is absolutely no shame in a midnight watch of Darkwing Duck — just make sure you set an alarm so you're not late for work the next day.


Disney+ & Cuddle

The new Netflix and chill might just be Disney+ and cuddle because missing one single second of re-watching Boy Meets World just is not an option. I know it's a streaming service, so you can just rewind whatever you're watching, but honestly, the content is so family friendly that I can't imagine doing anything more than cuddling while it's on.


Disney+ > Netflix

Despite some connectivity issues due to high demand, according to a Tweet from Disney+, users are still flocking to the service. Funny Disney+ memes tell the story of people leaving Netflix high and dry to log on to Disney+ and stream all of their classic Disney favorites.


You Might Be Skipping Work Today

Admit it, you totally did this. You may have even kept your kids home from school today. Honestly, your boss might be skipping work today, too. And who could blame them? Taking a sick day to marathon watch Disney+ is totally worth it. You can't put a price on nostalgia, people. You just can't.


Your Day On Nov. 12

The perfect day now consists of a snuggling up in a comfy bed with delicious snacks, watching all of the movies that have been locked in the Disney Vault for years on end. I'm not even sure where I'll start when it's time for me to watch Disney+ sans kids — Disney Channel Original Movies? New Star Wars content? The options are endless, not to mention incredible.


I'm Not Crying, *You're* Crying

It's just... All. So. Good. Don't be ashamed if seeing all of the classic Disney movies that shaped your childhood in one place brings a tear to your eye. Even if it makes you weep uncontrollably, true Disney-lovers will get it and cry right alongside you.


Feeling Like A Kid Again

Yes, you may indeed feel like a kid again logging into Disney+ for the first time, but is that really such a bad thing? You could probably use a bit of brightness in your day.


Leaving All Other Subscriptions In The Dust

Although it might still be worth keeping Netflix for their original content (Working Moms is legit amazing), the fact of the matter is that Disney+ has options for Hulu and ESPN add-ons, giving you more content than you can possibly handle.


For The Non-Subscribers

If you haven't yet subscribed to Disney+, you're missing out. Obviously, I'm right there with you, but nobody wants to be like sad Squidward looking at how much everyone else is enjoying their marathons.


All The Disney Channel Original Content

I'm so looking forward to reminiscing on my preteen years and introducing my kids to all of the Disney Channel Original Series like Even Stevens, Lizzie McGuire, and Boy Meets World. Don't even get me started on Disney Channel Original Movies — we're going to spend an entire day watching all three of the Zenon movies and I'm not one bit sorry about that.


Good Morning, Streamers

Mickey — I mean mommy — needs coffee. If you managed to stay up all night watching Disney+, you probably need all the coffee this morning.


Not Even Sorry

The rest of the world can kiss interacting with you goodbye now that Disney+ is out. Also, bathing might now be negotiable. And your kids will likely survive off of takeout indefinitely.


Fury Across The Pond

Unfortunately, Disney+ will not be available overseas until 2020, and the memes circulating on Twitter prove that fans are understandably disappointed.