13 Halloween-Themed Maternity Shoot Ideas That Bring Out The Best In Your Boo-tiful Bump

So many of the maternity pictures you see scrolling through Facebook or Instagram have the same kind of vibe: carefully planned outfits, soft lighting, and lovey dovey looks between the pregnant mama and her partner. And there's a good reason those sort of shots are so popular: they're totally gorgeous. But when you're pregnant around a holiday like Halloween, you get the chance to take the kind of pics that are anything but ordinary. There are lots of Halloween-themed maternity shoot ideas that are fun, gorgeous, and totally memorable.

A Halloween photoshoot doesn't necessarily have to be silly or scary. Believe it or not, you can still nail a totally chic maternity photo in a dramatic gown, or get the perfect sweet shot with a Halloween-themed painting on your belly. You can go full on-costume if you want to in a spooky session — witches, zombies, and skeletons are all totally on-theme. Or you might rely on the decor to set the tone for your photo shoot, with gorgeous fall foliage and plenty of pumpkins. You can even take the kind of picture that looks like it belongs on a horror movie poster.

These 13 amazing Halloween maternity pictures will have you tempted to book a photo shoot ASAP.


Horror Movie Poster

This pregnant mom's maternity pic by @jrodgersart couldn't be more Halloween appropriate. It looks like it could be the cover of a cheesy, old-school horror movie.


A Painted Pumpkin Bump

A round baby bump is perfect for painting on, as this sweet pumpkin belly pic from @jasmariphotography proves.


In Costume

This mom went all out with her maternity shoot look for @darkshadows photography. The face paint and fake blood would look right at home at a Halloween party.


The Biggest Bump

I love the progression of pumpkins from small to big in @emily.werkheiser.3's photo. Her perfectly lined-up baby bump is the biggest pumpkin of all.


Say "BOO!"

Another great picture from the mama above, this one uses her bump to spell out, "B-O-O!" I wonder if it's a B-O-Y?


Witchy Woman

This pregnant mama snapped by @LillianRubiePhotography is feeling witchy.


In A Corn Maze

You don't necessarily have to throw on a costume to give your maternity pics a fall and Halloween vibe. This shot from @adamdotsonphoto captures a mama-to-be in a corn maze, a staple of countless Halloween festivals.


Adding To The Coven

This pregnant mom is adding another little witch (or warlock) to her coven. I suspect Photoshop helped maked the magic happen in the photo by @bopday.


Vamping It Up

Halloween maternity shoots can still be totally glamorous, as demonstrated by this shot. The dramatic gown with spider web detailing is way more chic than spooky.


Skeleton Family

The whole family can get involved in a maternity shoot. But mom and her baby belly are still stealing the show in this shot by Amor Aeternus Photography.


A Pregnant Ghost

I bet you've never seen a pregnant ghost before. Good thing @sweetwildphotojudi managed to capture one on camera during this maternity shoot.


In A Pumpkin Patch

There's nothing more satisfying than kicking your feet up when you're super pregnant. This mama nabbed a seat on the biggest pumpkin in the patch for a super sweet maternity pic by @DPhotographyTexoma.


Baby Bones

Hands on the belly pics are a must in maternity shoots. I love this Halloween twist by @LCDanielsPhoto where mom's hands are cradling her little baby bones.