13 Hilarious Memes About Being Pregnant When It's Hot Out

It is the beginning of summer and boy, is it hot out. I hope your ACs are all hooked up because we're just getting started. For those who are expecting summer babies, the end is near, but making it through these next few weeks are going to be a tough one. Everyone is feeling the heat, but your body, well, it's a little extra. So how are you going to survive these final hot days? Ice cream for one, refreshing showers, and oh, these hilarious memes about being pregnant in the heat might help, too.

Whether it's a meme about trying to stay cool in the summer, about feeling moist (ew, hate that word), or all the weird cravings you are having — these memes totally know that your body is experiencing it all. And while you may be having a hard time adjusting to this crazy heat, it's temporary, and in the end, it'll all be worth it.

So, pull up a chair right next to your AC or freezer (bonus: it's right by the ice cream stash) and enjoy these hilariously relatable memes about being pregnant when it's hot outside. They'll make you laugh until you pee. Or, maybe that's just sweat — who knows.


Still Sweating

A pregnant women's favorite place in the summer: the shower. It is not only a way to get clean but the perfect way to cool down. At this point you're probably up to three showers a day.


Feeling Wet

When it is hot out, and you can't tell what is sweat and what is pee. I mean it all has to come out somewhere. Might want to carry an extra pair of underwear with you.


Hot Outside

Through the window, it looks beautiful out; a perfect sunny day for a picnic or a beach day, but don't be fooled. Once you step outside though or get too close to the window, you'll learn how brutal the outside world is. Yup, another day to sit inside and catch up on Queer Eye.


Ice Cream


Anybody who has been pregnant knows that cravings are a real thing. With the weather change, your body is probably craving anything cold... and sugary.


Summer Body

Some might say pregnancy is the best time to rock a bikini.


Heat wave

Want to know a pregnant woman's nightmare? Being nine months pregnant in August. Just put a kiddie pool in the living room. You can thank me later.


Pregnancy Glow

Moisturizer? Nah, it's SPG: Sweaty Pregnancy Glow. It makes your skin look so good, and all the girls will want to know where they can buy it.


Mens Clothing

One person's trash is another person's treasure. When nothing fits anymore, go into your S.O.'s closet, and you might find some hidden gems. An old t-shirt is now your new favorite maternity dress.


Summer Body

You may know a lot of people who have been working on their summer body. Unlike them, your main objective is to get bigger. Ice cream sandwiches are going to be your new BFFs this season.


Leg Hair

It's hot, which means that leg hair has got to go — and here you thought you would get away without shaving while pregnant. Since your growing belly can make it hard to reach certain spots, this might be a good time to ask for some assistance.


Hot As

How hot is it outside? Numbers don't matter anymore. All we know is that you're sweating everywhere.


Staying Cool

The fridge is your new favorite place these days. Not only is it hosting your food cravings, but it can also help keep you cool.


Productive Bladder

When you're pregnant, your bladder seems to work harder than usual. When you're hot, your bladder seems to work harder than usual from all the fluids you're drinking. Combine the two, and you've got a bladder in serious overdrive.