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13 Parenting Lessons From Molly Weasley, Because There's No Spell To Fix Temper Tantrums

You can learn a lot about being a parent from Harry Potter, but the parenting lessons from Molly Weasley are the ones that are going to get you through everything from newborn nighttime feedings to your teenage sons stealing an enchanted car to break their friend out of his home.

Before I had my own daughter, I could recognize that Molly Weasley was a parenting role model. I just didn't really understand just how far the depth of her love for her children went. But now, as a mother, reading the scene where she's faced with a Boggart is terrifying. If you're not a hardcore Harry Potter fan, you might've forgotten that the Boggart transforms itself into your worst fear when it's in front of you. And Molly Weasley's? It constantly turned into one dead family member after another, mainly her children.

If that doesn't hit you right in the heart I don't know what will. Molly Weasley, a fictional witch, is wired like all mothers. She is fiercely protective of her children and will sacrifice anything to keep them safe, even herself. But she's full of other parenting wisdom too. You don't have to have seven ginger-haired kids to relate to her, nor do you have to be a phenomenal badass witch. You just have to be a mom who loves her kids and tries her best to follow these 13 parenting lessons.


You Don't Have To Be Wealthy To Give Your Children A Rich Life

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It was evident that the Weasleys didn't have much, but that never stopped Molly from creating a warm, comforting environment and showering her children with love. Of course kids are always going to want for things, but Molly made sure that she did the best she could with what she had.


You Should Always Forgive Your Children

Can you imagine parenting troublemakers like Fred and George? Or what about when Percy turns his back on the entire family? Molly isn't immune to punishing her children when they're wrong, but she never holds it over their head or keeps the incident as a grudge. She always forgives her children and loves them regardless of their actions.


Love Your Children For Who They Are

Molly had a lot of children, and they all had their own insecurities and shortcomings. Although she may have wished that Fred and George continued their education or that Charlie would settle down with a wife like Bill did, she loved them all for who they were.


Affection Goes A Long Way

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You can tell your children you love them, but affection? It goes a long way in showing your children just how strongly you feel about them. Molly Weasley was never without a hug for her children.


Sometimes You Have To Let Your Children Go

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I can't imagine watching my children go off to battle Death Eaters, but Molly let her children go so they could fulfill their destinies and be a part of something great. It's ridiculously hard not to try and save your children from every evil in the world, but sometimes you just have to let them go and trust that you've done everything you could to keep them safe.


You Can Always Protect Them, No Matter What

And while you have to let your children go, you can always be there to protect them and blow up some b*tch.


Patience Is Necessary

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Molly Weasley has the patience of a saint, you guys. Seven children takes a lot out of you, but so does having to battle the evils of the world while two of your kids are constantly causing mischief, one is always finding himself in terrifying predicaments, and another turns out to be a total jerk-face for a while. Without patience, parenting is going to be a long, long journey.


Never Forget Who You Are Beyond Motherhood

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Molly Weasley is a mother, but she never forgets that she's also an amazing witch and part of the Order of the Phoenix. She is always true to herself and always remembers what makes her tick, which is probably why she's such a great mother.


Keep Your Sense Of Humor

Along with being patient, sometimes you've just got to laugh at the dumb sh*t your kids do or else you'll lose your mind. I mean, George lost his ear and made a joke about it. What more could Molly do than feel relief and just go along with it?


Family Comes First

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When Molly and Arthur won all of that money from The Daily Prophet, they didn't spend it on things they wanted or a private vacation. Instead, they took the entire family to visit Charlie and spent the rest on a new wand for Ron. Parents are always sacrificing, even in the wizarding world.


Parenting Guilt Is Real & Happens To All Of Us

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After the attack at the World Cup, Molly is overjoyed to see that her family is safe, especially Fred and George. Before the twins left, Molly had scolded them, and she feared that if they had died, her last exchange with them would've been angry words. Mom guilt is seriously real and happens to all of us, but it doesn't mean you can raise a brat.


Stay Calm Under Pressure

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We all know Molly is terrified, but she tries her hardest to keep calm under pressure and stay strong for her family. While I'm all for letting your kids know that you're vulnerable, too, I also think that Molly's right ― sometimes you have to carry the burden on your own shoulders for the sake of your children.


Your Children Will Break Your Heart & You'll Love Them Anyway

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No matter what your children do, they are still your children. And they are going to break your heart, make you cry, and make you wonder where it all went wrong. But you will always love them, regardless of their actions. Even if they turn into Percy Weasley for a while.