Young Hispanic man and his senior father holding his two baby boys at home

These Adorable Pics Of Grandfathers Meeting Their Grandchildren Are Everything

So many people play an important role in raising a child. Parents typically make the biggest impact, but grandparents are often a close second, setting an example for their descendants from the day they're born. These photos of grandfathers meeting their grandchildren for the first time emphasize the bond they share.

No matter if the kids call him Grandpa, Papa, Poppy, or Gramps, a grandfather is a significant person in their family history. I didn't grow up knowing my grandfathers, but I still thought of them often, asking my parents stories about the men indirectly responsible for my existence regularly. Your kids' grandfathers might be people your kids see each day, teaching them how to play chess or tease their siblings, or they could be the example you use as a parenting model, shaping the way you raise your children. Whether your kids are close to their grandparents or not, there will be traces of them in your kids, possibly from the moment they're born on.

These photos highlight the ways grandfathers can shape their grandchildren's lives and the support and love they can offer new parents, serving as a reminder of the growth a new baby brings to a family overall. Prepare for your heart to be melted.

1. Check This Out

Janice Chian's little one is in what looks like the happiest grandpa sandwich of all time. Two grandfathers look at their grandchild, with one holding the newborn and the other leaning down to look at the baby. Both men grin widely behind glasses, totally looking the part of proud Pop. Their excitement couldn't be clearer. Jeremy Chian took the shot.

2. Group Hug

Grandpa gives mom and baby a squeeze just after the newborn's arrival in this shot by Tinétte Turton Photography. Mom sits in a bed, holding her little one in her arms. Grandpa wraps his arms around them both, with one hand on mom's back and the other on baby's. Mom and Grandpa both gaze at the the newborn, studying the new person in their lives.

3. Hey There

In this photo by Ina of Birth Is Beautiful, a grandfather leans in to get a good look at his grandchild. Mom sits in her hospital bed, showing off her latest addition. Grandpa stands by the bed, leaning towards his grandchild. His mouth curves into an awestruck smile, and he's totally focused on the little one.

4. Double Duty

Alex Baughman of Folly Girl Photography captures two grandfathers soaking up their new grandchild in this photo. In the left of the frame, one grandpa cradles the newborn, studying them intently. Towards the right, another grandpa looks over at the pair, grinning widely at them. They're all connected by the little one.

5. Look At Me

Grandpa and grandchild share a moment alone in this shot by Courtney Hoskin. Grandpa sits in a chair, holding his grandchild up to look at him. Grandpa's lips are pursed in what seems like a gleeful expression, and he's looking at the newborn intently. The baby has their eyes closed serenely; the moment is full of peace and happiness.

6. Just The Two Of Us

Grandpa is soaking up all the infant joy he can in this photo by Alex Baughman of Folly Girl Photography. He holds the baby in his arms, pulling the little one's blanket back with one hand so he can see their face. The newborn snoozes peacefully while grandpa gets a good look, smiling softly.

7. All Choked Up

The power of technology lets a long distance grandfather feel close in this photo by Maria Mengel of Thrive Birth Services. You can see the newborn sitting on someone's lap, covered in a baby blanket. Someone holds a cellphone up so grandpa can see the newborn, and his face is full of emotion on the screen. He could look at the bundle of joy all day.

8. Sneak Peek

This gleeful grandpa hasn't met his grandchild in the flesh yet, but even just a quick glance on Facetime is enough to make him ecstatic. He sits with other members of his family in a hospital waiting room, holding his phone on his lap while he video chats with the new parents. He's smiling hugely, and his eyes are locked on the screen. Photo by Sarah Williams Creative.

9. Hey There

Grandpa shines with happiness in this photo by Kathleen Gregory. Grandma holds the newborn, and Grandpa wraps them both in his arms. His mouth is open in an ecstatic smile, and his eyes are locked on his grandchild. The ambient light reflects their joyful mood.

10. Strike A Pose

Brianna Craigie poses with her newborn and her father in this sweet shot, in the first of many pictures these three will take. Grandpa cradles the baby in his arms, while mom hugs him from behind. They're all smiles.

11. Well, Well, Well

You can almost hear grandpa cooing in this photo by Katie Tiller Photography. He stands in a hospital room, holding his grandchild while grandma fiddles with the baby's hat. Grandpa looks at the newborn with an open mouth, as if he's talking to them. They'll have so many conversations over the years, but this will always be their first.

12. Here You Go, Grandpa

A new dad hands off his child to their grandfather in this shot by Courtney Hoskin. Grandpa has his arms open to cradle the baby, and dad is placing the little one in his arms with a smile, carefully holding their head. Grandpa is grinning too, staring at the baby. They're all tied together.

13. Choked Up

Grandpa's emotion is palpable in this shot by Alyssa Anne. His eyes are closed as someone hands him his grandchild for the first time, as if he cannot handle the feelings coursing through him. The little one moves in his arms, and he holds the baby gently, overwhelmed but still gentle with the new life. His love couldn't be clearer.