13 Reasons You Should Do Absolutely Everything During Your Second Trimester

I’m thrilled to be able to offer a few reasons as to why the second trimester is the best trimester; the pinnacle of pregnancy productivity. But first, fellow ladies, should you be in your first trimester while reading this, may I offer you some words of encouragement: Soon, you’ll be through it. Soon, you won’t have to keep trying to keep your pregnancy secret. Soon, you won’t have to keep trying to squeeze into pants that don’t exactly fit anymore. Soon, you (hopefully) won’t have to keep trying to keep your food down. Soon, you’ll reach the second trimester. It’s not a myth. It’s real, you guys.

To be fair, every pregnancy is different so your second trimester mileage may vary. But more often than not, women find that their second trimester is a much better place to be than the first. For example, it was during my own second trimester that I did a bunch of writing, managed to make it to and from work with a much higher success rate than I had during the early part of my pregnancy, and — get this — I even completed a 1,000-piece puzzle (hold your applause). Not that I’m an expert or anything, but I feel like these experiences taught me a few things about why the second trimester is where it’s at, and as such, why it's the best time to check things off that pre-baby to-do list.

You Have Energy

I can still count the number of times since 2013 that I’ve gone dancing, and I don’t say this to be dramatic. It’s just not one of my go-to leisure activities. However, at a conference during my second trimester, I found myself bursting with energy and getting down to Ke$ha in front of some of my coworkers. It wasn’t the best decision of my life for more than a few reasons, but it wasn’t the worst either. Could I have done this at any point in my first trimester, or third? Well, in my first trimester, I would've just puked everywhere. I could barely walk, let alone dance. Maybe I could have rhythmically bobbled a bit in the third, but that’s about it.

You're In That Sweet Spot Of Side Effects

For many, the second trimester is light when it comes to the nasty side effects of pregnancy (though, Internet hugs to those of you for which this isn’t the case). By now, most women have staggered through the initial hormone fluxes and all the discomfort that came with them, though we’re not so big that it causes inconveniences and frustration. It’s the luxurious, seaside hammock of pregnancy, hanging between two spiny palm trees.

You’re Starting To ~Show~

In my experience, two major things happen when you start showing. First, your exterior matches the mental image you have of pregnant self, and second, your pregnant state becomes clear to outsiders so fewer explanations are needed. And while having a bump invited more unsolicited comments, I still preferred it to the weeks where I kept staring at my stomach, waiting for something to happen.

Your Due Date is Getting Close, But It's Not TOO Close

You feel like you’re making progress, but also like there’s enough time in front of you to still get plenty done (I mean, in theory). Savor these months, because when the third and final trimester finally arrives, there is going to be way more furniture and baby gear to put together than you can ever imagine.

You Can Travel Pretty Comfortably

Enjoy these months while you can, because seat belts in your third trimester are straitjackets of doom.

You Don’t Have To Keep It A Secret

Not that you have to keep your pregnancy a secret during the first trimester (your body, your choice), but a lot of women do. And while we have perfectly good reasons for doing so, it's not easy. Our lives are changing in a huge way, and damnit, we need people to know! If you’re terrible with secrets like I am, this was one of my favorite things about the second and third trimester. I felt free to talk about the pregnancy, which made it far less awkward when I declined wine and smoked salmon at parties (though it still wasn’t easy; both of those things are delicious).

You’re Glowing (Or Will At Least Be Told That You’re Glowing)

My own personal theory is that the pregnant glow comes actually comes from relief at being through the first trimester, but I’ve not yet found any medical literature to back this up.

You’re No Longer In Shock Over The Fact That You’re Pregnant

There’s been plenty of time for it to sink in, plus the constant reminder you now get every time you pass a mirror helps keep your head in the game

You Haven't Grown Tired Of Your Maternity Wardrobe Yet

In fact, I might even go so far as to say that wearing maternity clothes is still fun and exciting. Who thought of those wide elastic panels that slide up over your belly? GENIUS.

You’ve Had A Few Doctor’s Appointments And Feel Like You Now Know A Thing Or Two About Babies

You know, without having to check the Internet, whether or not your unborn child is the size of a lemon, an avocado, a mango, or an eggplant. By this point, you've probably also heard the baby's heartbeat, and possibly have even had a sonogram (or have one scheduled soon), and can enjoy the reassurance that comes with those moments as well.

Baby Kicks And Hiccups Are Still Exciting

OK, to be fair, baby kicks and hiccups are almost always exciting, but by the time you're in week 39 and each movement stirs your entire core, it's not quite as fun as week 25.

The More You Do Now, The More You Can Put Your Feet Up During The Third Trimester

And trust me, you will probably want to put your feet up during your third trimester.