13 Ways To Celebrate Christmas When You Can't Celebrate On Christmas Day

When I lived in Florida, I rarely got the opportunity to spend Christmas Day with my family. Although we were all in Orlando every year, I worked at the local hospital and was unable to spend time with them. Even on the years that I didn't work, someone else in my family opted to, so it was rare to have everyone in the house at one time to celebrate. For those years we weren't able to be together, finding ways to celebrate Christmas when you can't celebrate on Christmas Day was something we all had to do.

The good thing about me working on Christmas Day was that whoever I worked with at my job celebrated with me. We either made the plan in advance to binge watch movies during our down time while there or had our own little potluck of goodies to give it that Christmas feeling. We would even exchange gifts with one another, too.

Though it truly sucks when you can't celebrate Christmas the way you want with people that you love on the actual day, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate. From doing an early celebration to finding new traditions, make this year stand out if you have to try something new.

Need some suggestions? These 13 suggestions can help you out.


Go Ice Skating

If you're not able to celebrate Christmas on the actual day, try going ice skating with a few friends. Even if you can't ice skate outside, there are plenty of rinks that should offer indoor ice skating on the day.


Throw An Ugly Sweater Party

Can't get everyone together on Christmas Day? Throw an ugly sweater party the week before and do a white elephant gift exchange.


Drive Around Looking At Christmas Lights

Christianity Today noted that driving around looking at the Christmas lights is a good way to celebrate Christmas, too. You can either do this before, after or on the actual day.


Try A Destination Vacation

Bustle noted that going on a destination vacation is a great way to celebrate Christmas, because you already have a few days off. And, since you can't do you normal routine on Christmas Day, being someplace tropical can totally take your mind off of missing it.


Open Your Presents A Few Days Early

If opening your gifts on Christmas isn't an option, try getting with your family or friends and opening up your gifts a few days early. If doing it early isn't possible, open them days after or on video chat.


Watch Your Favorite Christmas Movie

Christmas isn't Christmas without popping in your favorite Christmas-themed movie. You may not be able to celebrate how you want, but by watching your favorite move, you might be able to give yourself the feeling you're missing.


Do Christmas Themed Arts & Crafts

Pull out the crayons and construction paper; it's time to get crafty. Do something creative to fill the void of not celebrating Christmas this year. Try making some homemade cards for your neighbors.


Listen To Christmas Music

Even if you've been blasting your Christmas playlist since the day after Thanksgiving, loading it back up on Christmas will be a way to help you celebrate.



Huffington Post noted that going to volunteer could be a good way to keep busy on Christmas Day. Perhaps try serving meals to the homeless or helping others in need on this day.


Bake Christmas Goodies

Grab a recipe to your favorite Christmas treat and jump in the kitchen this year to help give you that holiday feeling. You can do this before, on, or after Christmas.


Throw An After Christmas Party

Didn't have the opportunity to properly celebrate Christmas with those you love? Throw a big after Christmas party to still get the celebration in. It can be something like a pre-celebration for the awesome New Year's party you're planning to throw.


Give Christmas To Someone Else

According to Lifehack, giving someone else Christmas is a good way to celebrate, too. Though you may not be able to celebrate the day like you usually do, giving someone else the chance to experience the day in a new way will make you feel incredible.


Go To A Christmas Themed Play

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is seeing every type of Christmas play possible. Though they may not be performing on the day of, there are plenty of plays that run through the end of the year and most begin in November.