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14 Funny Memes & GIFs For Thanksgiving 2018, Because On This Holiday, Things Always Get Weird

In case you hadn't noticed, the countdown to Thanksgiving has reached single digits, so it's time to get pumped. Relatives are calling for last minute invitations, people are googling recipes in sky-high numbers, and advertisements for Black Friday sales are everywhere. The internet is also abuzz with chatter about the impending holiday, which means there are tons of funny Thanksgiving memes floating around.

The world wide web can make a joke out of truly anything these days, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Memes are part of almost every holiday tradition at this point, even if they do get a little weird (like that trend when everyone was texting their parents for advice on how to cook a turkey in the microwave. (This is why they think millennials can't do anything, guys). People roll their eyes at memes sometimes, but you can't deny there's something effective about an image with a funny graphic. They work because they describe universal experiences we all have, whether they're good or bad, and give us space to laugh about them. The Thanksgiving memes work especially well — I swear theres a meme for almost every situation you could find yourself in on turkey day, whether your family is super tight or if your day is filled with passive aggressive drama.

So to celebrate the meme goodness going around, read on for 14 of the most relatable Thanksgiving memes of 2018. Get ready to feel seen, heard, and hungry.

Thinking About The Meal All Week

pastemagazine on Twitter

The anticipation for Thanksgiving is almost as delicious as the holiday itself. Fantasizing about how good the food will be is the only way to survive the longest three day work week ever.

Dreaming On Thanksgiving Eve


If you can manage to fall asleep despite your excitement for the holiday, there's no doubt this is what your dreams will look like.

Preparing For Your Family's Arrival

drkatynelson on Twitter

You'll be equal parts excited and nervous to see your fam. If only there was a way to guarantee no drama...

Your Favorite Cousin's Arrival

envvyg on Twitter

Any feelings of dread you had about seeing your relatives goes away as soon as you see your go-to. You'll be drinking wine and catching up in under five minutes.

After Four Hours Of Waiting For Food


Yes we're all excited to see each other, but the food. Respect to anyone who fasts all day in order to get the most out of their Thanksgiving meal, but things will start to feel pretty bleak once those hunger cravings really settle in.

When Your Family Starts Asking You About Your Plans For The Future


If you've ever found yourself thinking, "who cares where we're going to send the baby to preschool? I want to know who's getting the turkey legs," you're not the only one.

But Then The Food Is Ready


Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel. The moment we've all been waiting for is here at last, and you're about to be rewarded for all your patience.

When It's Finally Time To Eat

1royelle on Twitter

But after the pic is over and blessings have been said, you get your food, and all is right in the world.

The Third Helping Of Turkey


You're no quitter. The meal isn't over until you actually can't eat another bite without bursting your pants.

The First Time Someone Mentions Politics


But your peaceful nap is quickly interrupted by the rumblings of political conversation, so you've gotta get out of there real quick.

After You And Your Fav Cousin Have One Extra Glass Of Wine


Alcohol was the only possible answer to the political debate happening in the living room, so you really can't be blamed for the aftermath.

When Your Aunts Leave To Go Black Friday Shopping at 8 PM


Whether you're going with them or just wishing those brave soldiers well on their journey, your thoughts are with them as they hunt for the perfect sale.

Remembering The Magic Of Childhood Thanksgivings As You Fight With Your Relatives About Politics


You accidentally wander into the political debate, which has turned into a full screaming match. You stare wistfully, thinking of simpler times.

When The Night Is Over So It's Officially Christmas

myohmysupplyco on Twitter

Everyone goes home, and all in all it was a successful day. You turn on "Jingle Bell Rock" as you clean up to celebrate.